Day 4 of the Q Gauntlet (Lions Den)- It’s a Rainy Doracide Type of Day!!

QIC: The Count (Respect, Respect)

Date: 06/19/2019

PAX: Fissure, Ohms, Peanuts, Prosciutto, RedTees, Steam Engine

AO: Lions Den


71 Degrees and humidity was 100% because it was pouring rain most of the time!!


Warm-o-rama: SSH (20 IC), PlankJacks (10 IC), MountainClimbers (10 IC), Mosey around track and do Bataan Death March.  Front PAX drops out and performs 5 Burpees while line continues to mosey.  When Burpees complete AYG to back of pack and yell ‘SIX” then next PAX at front drops out and does 5 Burpees and AYG to back of line yell “SIX”, continue until all 7 PAX complete 5 Burpees and complete lap back at starting point. 

The Thang

Dorcides in the Rain!
Partner up:  1 PAX begins reps of exercise, 2 PAX runs 25 yards performs 1 Burpee, returns to partner, then runs again performs 2 Burpees, returns to partner and once again run 25 yards and performs 3 Burpees.  Returns to Partner and switch continuing count until all exercises and reps are complete.

100 Merkins, 200 LBC’s, 300 Squats, 400 SSH

PAX completed in record time! Still 15 minutes left…what shall we do next?

Mosey to Home Team Beleachers.  Serpentine (Running up and walking down), 6 sets of steps going up and down moving from one end to the other.  Mosey on track around to Vistors Bleachers and repeat Serpentine for 4 sets of steps.  Continue mosey to complete lap of track to starting point.

Mary’s Go Round (Dealers Choice) – IC 10 Reps x 7 PAX x 2 Rotations = 140 Reps IC!


CIRCLE OF TRUST:   Counterama, Namerama, Announcearama – Word of the Day is “Choice”  We all have to make a choice everyday.  The first one is should I get up and workout with my F3 Brothers, or should I FartSack in my nice warm bed.  Neither is wrong, it’s just a choice.  Those are the easy choices we make, but there are choices we have to make as men and leaders.  Many of these choices have rippling impacts on others, (children, spouse, peers, etc).  Make sure when it comes time to make a choice you think about the ripple your choice will make and who is watching and who it impacts.  
BALL OF MAN: We lifted up in prayer those needs said and those which weren’t.


So, I’ve been educated by Fissure and Prosciutto on the proper use of the “Moleskin” and “COT”  .  Moleskin today is pretty easy…There was not a lot of Mumble-chatter because the PAX were kicking ass, but over the pouring rain interesting sounds were coming from some individuals, especially when we were on our backs.  Lets just say I’ve heard some of these sounds, but rarely when working out.  Of interest is though in both cases there was much wetness!!! 🙂  

Great Workout Gentlemen!

P.S.  IronButt, we did a lot of Burpees today in honor of your 63 Birthday!!!


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