Stairway to Merkins meets Four Corners! Day 8 of Q Gauntlet – TheCount – 06/25 (Hill City)

QIC: TheCount (Respect, Respect)

Date: 6/25/2019

PAX: BlindSide, Chief, Goose, JazzyJag, LacesOut (Respect), MoneyBall, Prosciutto,  RedTees, Skitch, Sunshine, FNG-Tin Man, Wazn’tMe

AO: Hill City


69 Degrees, dry, but a nice dew on the grass.


WarmUp: SSH (15 IC), Forward Fold (15 IC), Tappy Taps (10 IC), Willy Mays Hayes (10 IC), Stairway to Merkins: Along sidewalk, start at first lightpost and AYG to next and do 1 Merkin, AYG to next Lightpost and do 2 Merkins, Rinse and Repeat until you reach the 10th Lightpost and 10 Merkins.  Reverse direction, Rinse and Repeat until you get down to 1 Merkin.  Last WarmUp exercise (AS PROMISED) it Prosciutto’s Gold Chain (15 IC).  Mosey to grassy area in front of stage for “The Thang”. 

The Thang

Four Corners

Four Cones are deployed in a square with each being 20 Yards apart.  ALL PAX start at 1st cone and proceed to next three cones by described mode of transportation.  Six Rounds as follows:

Round 1 - Burpees - 10 Reps X 4 = 40 (Bear Crawl between each cone)
Round 2 - Lunges - 20 Reps x 4 = 80 (Bear Crawl between each cone)
Round 3 - Imperial Walkers - 30 Reps x 4 = 120 (Bear Crawl between each cone)
Round 4 - Merkins - 25, 20, 15, 10 Reps = 70 (Bear Crawl between each cone)
Round 5 - Plank Jacks - 25 Reps x 4 = 100 (Bear Crawl between each cone)
Round 6 - Squats - 10 Reps x 4 = 40 (AYG Between each cone)

Total Reps (including Stairway to Merkins) = 560 Reps and 400 yards in Bear Crawls!


Word of the Day: If you direct the people toward Heaven….Heaven will direct the people.  

CIRCLE OF TRUST:  Counterama, Namerama, Prayers for comfort and healing to those spoken and unspoken prayers.  Prayed for our brothers at the BoneYard and all PAX across F3.  
BALL OF MAN:  Sweaty Ball of Man!  


There was very little Mumble Chatter, but there were a few sounds emanating from those assembled…There was good discussion by Prosciutto reminding everyone not to sacrifice form for speed.   Great Message!  As Promised I was proud to wear Prosciutto’s Gold Chain and perform the said warm up exercise.  Actually wore the chain during the entire workout, but it obviously isn’t where Pro gets his energy because he seemed strong even at the conclusion of the session! 

The Gauntlet is now complete Q’ing at 8 different AO’s in 11 Days/9 Workout Days.  It was fun and I encourage you to try it over the course of a month.  It is a great way to see folks you might not see all that often and you become very innovative to keep the routines different and make sure you focus on full body H.I.C.T. 

Thanks for all the AOQ’s for working with me on the schedule (and Prosciutto for giving me his day today so I could complete all 8 AO’s).  


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