Scenic City Stampede

QIC: Sidekick

Date: 06/20/2019

PAX: Skitch, Blindside, Prosciutto, Ringwald, Money Ball, FNG-Flash (2.0), Hamburgular, Vsquared, Sunshine, Candu

AO: Hill City


76 Degrees and Humid, heat Lightning, then real lightning and rain


SSH ICX25; Forward fold ICX10; SSH ICX15; 3rd Grade Exercises ICX12; Willie Mays Hays ICX12; Mercans ICX15; Right over left ICX10; Left Over Right ICX10; SSH ICX15; Arm Circles Forward – Reverse – Shoulder Press – Morroccan Night Club – all ICX12

The Thang

Start our journey by Mosey to the bridge. 

Stop and do 21.  Successful due to good leadership.  No Burpee Penalty. 

Mosey again. 

Stop on the center section for some slow squats and some one legged Bulgarian squats assisted by the benches (no wenches of Bulgarian descent around to assist). 

Mosey some more. 

Stop at the steep hill going down to the aquarium.  We reverse lunged down this hill.  Fun times.

Mosey down the big concrete steps by the river behind the aquarium

Had to alter course due to multiple people establishing residence on the steps.


Partner up.

PAX 1 Box Jump up 2 steps.  PAX 2 performs 10 Ircans and then Box jumps 4 steps (2 past his partner). Keep this going.

Continue this all the way up to the tippy top

On way down…..

PAX 1 Box jump down 2 steps with each landing resulting in a deep squat.  PAX 2 performs 10 Dercans and then Box Jumps 4 steps (2 past his partner).  Keep this going

Continue this all the way to the bippy bottom

Set of Dips ICX15 on bottom step.  Mosey back up the stairs through the aquarium to the road.  Cross the road within all traffic laws.

Sprint up the steep hill.  Stop and wait for the 6 and for me to catch my breath.

Mosey back to the bridge.  

Set of 21s executed perfectly again, due to good leadership of course.

Mosey across the bridge with a stop for some slow squats and one legged Bulgarian squats (again no wenches around)

Mosey to the other end of the bridge for some Reach Arounds (not a partner exercise)

Mosey back to the flag


No man left behind, especially your FNGs.  Get these guys back out here.  They need us and we need them


Did you know that Bulgaria is tied for the fewest Grizzly bears of any country in the world?  the PAX certainly did not know that.  Thank you Candu for that gem.  Someone then asked about wolves, no response on that animal.  Money ball brought his 2.0, Flash hence forth known as, the kid do great


Convergence on 7/4 at Beast Ridge at 7 AM.  last for an hour.  If in town, come out

Fallen 5 ruck on 7/13 at the Dame.  Hour Beatdown followed by a Ruck.  Candu will sponsor you if you want to ruck.

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