Independence Day Hustle

QIC: Sidekick

Date: 07/04/2019

PAX: Vila, Ducktales, Candu, Goose, Hasbro, Phone Book, Best in Show (respect), Blindside, Back Pew, Oiler, Sparky (Respect), Bernie, Roll Back, Chip (Willy Loman), Home Alone, JoJo (Willy Loman), Fastlane, Mayhem (Respect), Vsquared, Jazzy Jag, Skitch, Early Bird, Madoff, Money Ball, Flash, Sunburn (Respect), Bubbles (Respect), Clothespin

AO: Beast Ridge


74 and Glorious


Mosey to the Soccer Field (too massive for the baby parking lot (said with an Eastern European accent))

SSH ICX25; Forward fold ICX12; Willie Mays hays ICX15; SSH ICX15; LBAC ICX10, Reverse ICX10, Morrocan Night Club ICX10; Shoulder Press ICX10; Right over Left ICX8; Left over Right ICX8; Mercans ICX15; Slow Squats ICX15; SSH ICX15

The Thang

4 Corners with some Wrinkles (Lady Liberty is no Spring chicken you know)

Corner 1 – 15 Monkey Humpers

Sprint to Next corner

Corner 2 – 15 Mercans

Wrinkle 1 – Split into 5 waves – All hold plank at bottom of hill; Wave 1 bear crawl up the hill and hold plank; wave 2 and so on.  back down the hill

Mosey/Bernie/Karaoke to next corner

Corner 3 – 10 burpees

Sprint to Next corner

Corner 4 – 25 Squats

Wrinkle 2 – Bleachers…. – Box jump up one step – 10 Ircans; Box Jump the next – 10 Ircans – – – To the top; Box Jump down landing in a deep squat – 10 Dercans —- all the way down.

Mosey to the Pavilion

Upper body Wall Sit for the win

Split into 2 groups because of the massiveness again

One group on the wall while the other performs 15 ircans; Switch

Repeat with Dercans; and Dips.

Mosey to the new luscious grass in the back.

Football on the Futbal field, in the not so dark at 7:45 instead of 5:45

4 Stations of Exercises that was pretty chaotic due to massiveness of attendance

Station 1 – Most of the PAX; Alternating through various planks and Al Gore until it is their turn to relive their glory days

Station 2 – Throw me the Damn Ball! – Run a go route and hope you get lucky with a PAX who can moderately imitate Tom Brady and throw a football more than 5 yards.  Catch said pass.  Drop it? 5 burpees for you and the QB.  Rotate to station 3.

Station 3 – 4 PAX – In order from your arrival – 10 SSH – 10 lunges- 10 squats – 10 squats with 40 lbs of Corn on your back.  Rotate to Station 4

Station 4 – 3 PAX – In order from your arrival – 10 Shoulder Press – 10 Morrocan Night Club – 10 LBAC – Throw your Bomb!.  5 Burpees for an incomplete  pass.

back to Flag for Mary

10 Dying Cockroach IC; 10 Rosalita IC; Time


Remember and appreciate your freedom.  Not every country in the world gets to choose their leaders, their profession, their spouse, the number of kids they have.  Don’t take it for granted.  Show some appreciation for your service members, past and present.  be safe on your holiday.


There was a Merlot Splash.  All i’m saying on that.  had some great chatter today, people love tossing the ole pigskin.  had some visitors form Birmingham.  Welcome


Fallen 5 Ruck event 7/13 at 7:00, at the Dame

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