monkey show

QIC: Ducktales

Date: 07/08/2019

PAX: loan shark, red tees, u-turn, hasbro, Radiohead, milkman

AO: the Huey


66 degrees for this gloom, no wind The skunks are close!, and the back lot is rotten



Mosey lap

10 Sun salutations

Nancy cardigan IC

27 ssh ic

The Thang

3 stations of 11.25

45 minutes divided by 4 equals 11.25 mathematics!

T wall

20 monkey humpers IC showing our glutes to the very busy Dayton blvd

partner up

Partner 1 lunges then bear crawls to creek

Other partner Wall sit

15 Pickle pointers IC

Tennis Court

New partner

Partner rounds court while other planked, low plank, big boy sit ups.


Indian runs

10 Decline mericans iC

Frog hops

10 mericans


10 inclined mericans IC


15 Hello dolly ic

10 pretzel ic

10 mericans ic


Circle up for wheel of mericans


Finished up a study with my M, continue to learn about your M

The prayer request are in need of prayer.


The mumble was light because the 10 counts were few.

As I was putting up the shovel flag, I take extreme pride in seeing the pax fellowship in the parking lot post post We say and I struggle with fellowship time but as I mentioned in the COT, treasure each moment we have, the moments we get to fellowship may be mixed in your day more than you notice.


Fallen 5 this Saturday convergence at 7 at the dame ruck

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