Hi My Name is Goose – 07/09

QIC: Goose

Date: 07/09/2019

PAX:  Picasso, Ringwald, Sunshine, Red Tees, Wart, Hobo, Back Pew, Uncle Fester, Skitch, Free Candy

AO: Hill City


Extremely Hot and Humid


Mosey to great hall


Willie Mays Hays x15

Quad Stretch x15 each leg

Forward Fold x15

SSH x15


The Thang

Mosey to amphitheatre

Box jump up steps, bernie sanders up hill, mosey to bottom of steps, x4

Bear Crawl up boob hill, mosey down, 10 merkins, x5

Mosey to great hall

25 calf raises 

Mosey to field with stage

Lunges down and back

Mosey to field by rhino

Jailbreaks x2

Circle of Mary






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