Back on Track(around the lions den)

QIC: Goose

Date: 10/5/2020

PAX: Rodeo, Blindside, Moneyball, Ohms, The Count, Back Pew, Friar Tuck.

AO: Lions Den

Conditions: Slight chill to the air, and we could see Mars, which was spacey.


Forward Fold

Third Grade Exercise


Quad Stretches

Over head arm stretch


The Thang

Box jump up bleachers, 10 incline merkins at every 3rd jump, 4 rounds

ADORA: 150 reps of merkins, squats, and stationary lunges, while partner does a lap.


Indian runs, one lap

75 calf raises OYO

50 merkins OYO

Circle of Mary: Freddie Mercurys, leg raises, flutter kicks.


Its the first full week of October, set some fitness goals for the month.

The Den Men

QIC: Goose

Date: 7/1/2020

PAX: Recycle, Rodeo, Hambone, Candu, Belly Roll, Moneyball, Blindside, Skitch

AO: Lions Den

Conditions: Hot and Muggy


Forward Fold

Willie Mays Hays


Cherry Pickers/reverse

Forward Fold

The Thang:

Run up to light poles and back with 20 merkins at every light pole

100 yard lunges- down and back.

Bear Crawl 10 yard> Lunge 10 yards on practice field

100 yard dashes down and back

News: 4th of July convergence in Ft. O.

Circle of 100s

QIC: Goose

Date: 6/9/2020

PAX: Pink Panther, Omaha, Back Pew, Sunshine, Care Bear, Flop, White Gloves, Iron Butt, Ramos, Deer Jack, Skitch

AO: Hill City

Conditions: Perfect


SSH x25, Forward Fold OYO, WIndmills x15, Willy Mays Hays OYO, 3rd grade exercise x15, Forward Fold OYO

The Thang

100 reps of: Merkins, Squats, SSH, LBCs. Run a lap in between each exercise.

Circle 0f Mary: 25 reps of PAX choice

Love in the Time of Corona

QIC: Goose

Date: 5/23/2020

Pax: Doodles, Back Pew, Moneyball, Skitch, Pink Panther.

AO: Landfill

Conditions: Overcast


SSH x20

3rd Grade Exercises x 10

Willie Mays Hays x15

Forward Fold OYO

Cherry Pickers x10

LBC x10

SSH x20

The Thang

Run up sidewalk toward pavillion. 10 reps of any exercise at every light post

Adora: 200 merkins and 200 SSH while partner runs up and down hill

Lunge across field

Bernie Sanders up hill and 10 merkins at the top x4

Lunge back across field

Circle of Mary


The Murph on Monday at the Dame 0700!

Adventures with Goose at Hill City

QIC: Goose

Date: 5/21/2020

PAX: Skitch, Sunshine, Candu, She-Shed, Sparky, Home Alone, Pink Panther, Doodles, FNG-Cover Up, Deerjack, Doodles


Perfect, great sunrise


SSH x20

3rd Grade exercise x15

Windmills x10

Toe Taps x10

Forward fold OYO

SSH x20

The Thang

Mosey to track around field at Coolidge Park. 100 squats, and 100 merkins. Pax has to run a lap before they start a set, and exercises can only be done in sets of 25.

Jailbreaks and Lunges to end workout.

Lungin’ Around

QIC:  Goose

Date: 03/11/2020

PAX: Moneyball, Payload, Back Pew, Burrito, Mr. Clean, Geek Squad, Milkman, Footloose, Roomba, Square Root, Friar Tuck, Teflon, Oil Can, Mendoza, Cooter

AO: The Landfill

The Thang

Do a lap, up and down staircases at both bleachers

Lunge down and back length of field

Bear crawl, sideline to sideline down and back

Merkinsx25 Squatsx25, LBCsx25, with lap in between each

100 reps, fielders choice, OYO

Jailbreaks x6

Mary: 50 LBCS

Goosin’ Around

QIC:  Goose

Date: 03/07/2020

PAX: Fissure, Fly by, Chum, FNG-Flop, Money Ball, Belly Roll, Candu, Rocket Man

AO: The Landfill


Sunny Skies, Chilly


SSH x25

Willie Mays Hays x10

Forward Fold OYO

Windmill x15

Quad Stretch OYO

Third Grade Exercises x10

SSH x25

The Thang

Bernie Sanders up hill with rock x3

5 exercises of your choice at every light post up to pavillion

Lunge down and back across field


Recent Backblasts

    Slippin’ and a Slidin’

    Date: 03/03/2020

    PAX: The Count, She Shed, Skitch, Back Pew, Sunshine, Pink Panther, Hobo, Ramos, Cow Bell, Early Bird, Red Tees, Free Time

    AO: Hill City

    QIC: Goose

    Conditions: Wet


    SSH x 20

    Fwd Fold x OYO

    Willie Mays Hays x 20

    Quad Stetch each leg OYO

    Cherry Pickers x 20

    Moroccan Night Club x20

    SSH x20

    The Thang

    Adora: Mosey to end of light poles and back while partner does: 200 merkins, 200 squats, 200 LBCs

    Mosey to field by blue rhino, and lunge to sidewalk and back

    Start at Blue Rhino, mosey to Frazier ave, 25 merkins or squats at every light pole.

    Run Like An Antelope

    Date: 2/4/2020

    QIC: Goose

    PAX: FNG- Stubs, FNG- Reepicheep, FNG-Jaywalk, Hobo, Sunshine, Pink Panther, Doghouse, Backpew, Ramos, Backfire, Flemish, Cowbell, Moneyball, Skitch, Uncle Fester 

    AO: Hill City

    Condition: Warm, Slight drizzle

    COP: SSH, 3rd grade exercise, Quad stretch, Willie Mays Hays, Cherry Pickers, Windmills, SSH. All 20 reps.

    Mosey to Mt. Mediora. Box jumps up steps and run up Mt. Mediora. 4 laps

    Mosey by Market St bridge, 75 toe merkins

    Mosey up and over boob hill

    Circle of Mary

    The Mamba Mentality

    QIC:  Goose

    Date: 2/1/2020

    PAX: Moneyball, The Count, Fissure, Skitch, Fly-by, Pink Panther, FNG-Rocket Man, FNG-Skywalker, Nemo

    AO: The Landfill

    Conditions: Chilly and overcast

    COP(all 24 reps each unless noted as OYO): SSH, Willie Mays Hays,3rd grade exercises, Forward fold OYO, Quad Stretch OYO, Windmill, Cherry Pickers, SSH

    The Thang

    Mosey to bottom of path with light poles, mosey back up stopping at every 4th light pole to do 24 squates. repeat on the way back down.

    Mosey to base of hill

    Adora: 24×24 =576, partners do 576 reps of either SSH or squats while other partner moseys/bernies up hill.

    Mosey to field. Squats, high knees, and bear crawl, across and back.

    Bernie Sanders up hill with rock and back x2

    Circle of Mary

    COT: Kobe inspired workout today. I talked about his leadership and referred to a recent quote from him about what it means to be a leader. “In our culture, you can do great things alone, but i don’t think they reach their full potential until they happen collectively.” He then went on to mention how his success and leadership didn’t happen until he learned empathy and helping others.