Are you Covered?

QIC: WuzntMe

Date: 07/27/2019

PAX: Loco, Peanuts, MoneyBall, Whittler, Prosciutto, She Shed, DeerJack, Iron Butt (respect x2) 

AO: The Landfill


Bright, warm, dryish.


Mosey down to the bottom lot. Circle up.
SSH x20
Imperial Walkers x20
Don Quixote x20
LBAC x20
Reverse x20
Algerian Private Establishment for Enjoyment in the Evening x20
Chinooks x20
Seal Claps x20
Burpees x5 OYO
Forward Fold x15
Royce Gracies x10 IC

The Thang

Mount Squat Merkin
Scale Mt. Trashmore, line up in single file at the soccer field. 
PAX count off, 1, 2, 3, 4,5,4,3,2,1. 
Everyone moves forward with high knees, but each HIM responsible for calling Merkins IC as cadence gets to them in the line. PAX stop and complete exercise together. 25 total IC.
Turn around to return to starting point, but this time with squats instead of merkins.
Turn around again, sprint back to pavilion

Prison Fun With Coupons

Indian run down hill to rocks. Pick up your new girlfriend, and Indian Run back to pavilion with girlfriend above your head (hallelujah style) or toting like a running back.

In pavilion:
10 shoulder presses IC
10 curls IC
10 triceps extensions IC
10 American Hammers w/ coupon IC
10 Kettle Bell swings OYO
10 goblet squats IC
4 prison cell merkin burpee box jumps IC
Repeat 2x

Indian run back bottom of hill with coupons to replace them. Last PAX does three squats before catching up and overtaking the leader
~drop coupon~
Indian run back to bathroom complex, except last PAX must do three lunges before overtaking the leader.

WallSits with the CookieJar
Since Threeskin isn’t here, it only makes sense to use his Cookie Jar.
Everyone claim an air chair.
10 count each way. 
Pass the jar 5x. 
Pass the jar 5x, with shoulder press x5 when it comes to you. End PAX owe 10.

PAX were encouraged to take a break from the airchair (if needed) with 5 merkins before reclaiming the airchair.

Return to Prison

Sprint to pavilion.
prison cell merkin burpee box jump x4 IC

-on 6-
LBC x20
Flutter Kicks x20
Pretzel Crunch x10/each leg
Slutter Kicks x20

-Plank position-
Ring of Fire each way – 10 count one way, 20 count other. 



During the pavilion sequence, the playlist was nothing but covers – famous songs recorded by someone other than the original artist. In life, we often spread ourselves very thin, between home, work, wife, kids, church, hobbies, other pursuits. But the problem with this is that we leave something uncovered. If you’ve spread yourself too thin, someone else will pick up where you left off. The problem is, that this often isn’t who you’d otherwise like it to be. For instance, if you don’t pay attention to your kids, *someone* else will – and often with a negative intent. If you don’t pay attention and take care of your wife, *someone* else is going to make her feel like you should have. If you don’t cover your responsibilities at work, *someone* else is going to take your job. Build your network of other decent men, and make sure you have coverage in all the places you need. Make sure you’ve surrounded yourself with genuine helpmates, and be a genuine helper to someone else.


Whittler lamented the overall lack of Nickleback on the playlist. He also chose the slutter kicks. Creed was also mentioned. 

Prosciutto had helpful tips for newer PAX when calling cadence during Mt Squat Merkin. He also issued a challenge to YHC – message received, and accountability appreciated.

She Shed reminded us not to leave out the second set of American Hammers. Wouldn’t want to shortchange the group.

Jokes abound regarding coupon girlfriends, time spent in prison, and things looking bigger in the dark.

Peanuts was on time. Everyone was very confused.

Deer Jack has been very consistent in his first few weeks. 

Loco is fast, and wears cleats *just in case* a socc, er, futbol game breaks out.

MoneyBall posted Tuesday through Saturday. Animal.

IronButt led us out. We’re privileged to have him as our mentor Q.

If you don’t like Seether’s version of Careless Whisper, then I don’t want to be friends with you.


Dadurday in two weeks at the Landfill.

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