Getting Back In The Saddle

QIC: The Count

Date: 08/05/2019

PAX:  DuckTales, FreeTime, GeekSquad, Red Tees, Truck Yea, UTurn, FNG-Swiss Roll,  FNG-Couch Potato

AO: Huey


70 Degrees and calm conditions


Met in P/L where we plant the flag.  We welcomed the two FNG’s and gave the disclaimer.  Mosey’d to the back P/L by ball fields and conducted warm up: SSH, Ab e Vigoda, Willy Mays Hayes, SSH.  

The Thang

Modified Red Barchetta 
5 Stations (1-exercise weighted, 1 exercise cardio) – Stations are spaced 20 yards apart in P/L.  

Station 1: Overhead Press (30 lbs) – Burpees (10)

Station 2: Tricep Ext (25 lbs) – Plank Jacks

Station 3: Bent Over Row (45 lbs) – Mountain Climbers

Station 4: Curls (30 lbs) – Imperial Walkers

Station 5: Squats (25 lbs) – SSH

PAX 1 performs 20 Reps with coupon while PAX 2 performs AMRAP of Cardio Exercise.  Flip Flop so both PAX perform Reps with Coupons. (Modify as necessary, i.e. 15 or 10 reps and keep flip flopping.  

Control of movement belongs with Station 1.  (BURPEES).  Once both PAX have performed 10 Burpees they sound off and all PAX rotate in declining order.  5 to 4, 4 to 3, 3 to 2, 2 to 1, 1 to 5.  

After each rotation all PAX circle up and preform Mary’s between rounds, (Round 1 -LBC’s x 20 IC),  (Round 2 – Flutter Kicks x 20 IC)  (Round 3 – Big Boy Situps – 10 reps).



CIRCLE OF TRUST:  Count-o-rama and Name-o-rama performed as well as announcement made about this weekend at LandFill to bring 2.0’s.  Prayer requests made for shooting victims families in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH.  I did give Praise to being back in the gloom after a week off in Colorado for pleasure and work! 🙂 
BALL OF MAN:  We concluded in a moment of prayer.


I liked to hear the MumbleChatter with the PAX.  Especially hearing the established PAX encouraging and asking personal questions to the FNG’s, (Great Job – RedTees and FreeTime).


Daddy’s and 2.0 this Saturday, August 10th at LandFill

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