What are you collecting?

QIC: Skitch

Date: 08/17/2019

PAX: Back Pew, The Count, Deer Jack, Flash, Fly By, Hobo, Lord Lindsay, Money Ball, Peanuts, Pink Panther, She Shed, Sunburn, VSquared

AO: Landfill


If only the whole day were this temperature. It was a good to work out before the heat rolled in again. The grass was damp with dew, but not so much that people fell down the hills.


SSH x 25 IC

Forward Fold x 15 or so IC

Toe Merkins x 20 OYO

Willie Mays Hays x 15 or so IC

Moroccan Nigh Club x 15 or so IC

Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

SSH x 25 IC

The Thang

We started in the upper field so that we could survey the field of play.

What are you collecting?
Approximately 130 baseball cards were spread out rather evenly over the surface of the Landfill acreage except the upper field and the entrance parking lot. PAX were split into teams of 2. Each team moseyed together (or apart) searching the Landfill for baseball cards on the ground. When a PAX found a card he called the F3 name of his partner and team name shown on the baseball card and held plank until partner PAX came over to him. When together, PAX partners chose an exercise depending on the team name on the baseball card. 

If the card player was on the Astros, Athletics, or Angels, PAX partners would choose to do 20 American Hammers or 20 ‘Mericans together. If the card player was on the Blue Jays, Braves, or Brewers, PAX partners would choose to do 10 Burpees or 20 Big Boy Situps.

PAX competed for 30 minutes or so until all cards were found.

Gathered at playground and lined up in dip position along the black low barrier. In honor of the great American past time (baseball), PAX did a wave in dip formation holding up and down dip positions as they waited for the wave to return. Repeated both directions twice or so.

Formed groups of 3 and 4 and each PAX did 25 assisted (by other partners) pull-ups. 

Backwards bear crawl up small hill.

Indian run down sidewalk to base of big hill. Run up big hill. Indian run across field and down sidewalk to base of big hill. Run up big hill. Short Mary of 10 American Hammer, some Big Boy situps, and holding low plank for 90 seconds on The Count’s watch. Time.


What are you collecting?

Things? Money? Position/status? Memories? Habits? Friends? Baseball cards?

What are they worth, really?

How long will they last?

Who are they for?

Prayer requests and Lord Lindsay closed out the BOM.


The big hill is still big and brought groans the second time through. The small hill is really big if you are bear crawling backwards up it. Some groups got 17 out of 21 A cards and some groups got mostly B cards; Skitch swears its was random, the sample set just wasn’t big enough. Cards from the ’90s aren’t worth much. Skitch forgot to obtain a flag and he failed to note this while all PAX were present, so he owes like 140 Burpees; he intends to pay what is due in the coming week. There were 130 cards and we hit the 130 FNG goal this past week. Pull-ups are hard, but Fly By did 18 + 7 actual unassisted pull-ups; he’s ready for Iron PAX, but unsure whether he has registered.


Blindside VQ at Hill City this coming Wednesday

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