LD – Ruck Dora

QIC: Vila

Date: 08/14/2019

PAX: MoneyBall, She Shed, The Count, Doubtfire, Blind Side

AO: Lions Den

Warm up:
1. SSH IC x15
2. Imperial Walkers IC x15
3. Forward Fold x15
4. Plank IC x20
5. Slow push to up x10
6. Up Dog x15
7. Down Dog x15
8. Mountain Climbers IC x10
9. Forward Fold x15
10. Down into frog

a. SSH IC x15
b. Imperial Walkers IC x15
c. Forward Fold x15
d. Plank IC x20
e. Slow push to up x10
f. Up Dog x15
g. Down Dog x15
h. Mountain Climbers IC x10
i. Forward Fold x15
j. Down into frog
k. SSH IC x15

1. Mosey around the school
a. first stop
5 – 8 count body builders
b. Second stop
10 Lunges 5 ea.
c. Third stop
10 LBCs
d. Fourth Stop

Ruck Dora – around the track.
• One team member rucks ahead while the other does 20 (or max rep). Then the other pax catches up and switches to continue reps until the total counts are reached.
• LBC 300
• Merkins 200
• Squat 100

This morning’s talk was about trying to hold yourself to a higher standard for accountability. I myself, I made a commitment to not cancel any more Q’s unless absolutely necessary. If I have something to do that morning for work oh, I will just plan better than night before in order to make my Q part of the day. Anyone that wants to call me out for fart sacking or lagging behind should do it. If I get pissed about it, punch me in the arm. We all get better together.




Swinging hammers,