She Shed’s Pain Train

QIC: She Shed

Date: 08/15/2019

PAX: Duck Tales, Radio Head, Uturn, Geek Squad, Couch Potato, Skid, Hasbro

AO: Huey




side straddle hop 20
LBC 20
Forward fold 15 
Mercans 20
Partner chest stretch 10 each side
Side straddle hop 20
High knees 20
3 position squats

The Thang

Mozie around track to bleachers
Box jump to the top of the bleachers
20 dips
Box jump down bleachers
20 leg raises
Wash, rinse, repeat 4x
Mozie to blocks in parking lot
Pax partner up back to back with a heavy block
10 twist and pass then 5 burpees
10 over head and between legs, 5 burpees
10 sit up and passes, 5 burpees
Mozie to love shack
100 incline mercans, partner bear crawls to end and mozies back
200 squats, partner lunges to end and mozies back
300 LBCs


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” MLK Jr


She Shed almost got shot, some PAX are still learning what coupons are, etc.


The Huey is picking up steam and may start a Friday beat down…?

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