It’s a Block Party Ya’ll

QIC: Sunburn

Date: 08/16/2019

PAX: IronButt (Respect), Dirk, Ascot, CliffHanger, Candu, Best In Show

AO: Boneyard


Nicer then it’s been but not as nice as it’s going to be. 


10 SSH

OYO Forward Fold

10 Willie Mays Hayes

10 Hilbilly’s

10 Imperial Walkers

10 SSH

The Thang

Block Party Weekend

Grab a Cider Block 

15 Military Press

15 Bend Over Rows

Mosey with your block over to the exercise yard and partner up.

Partner A Does the exercise while Partner B is on the track. Once Partner A is done with his exercise he runs to swap with Partner B

15  Merkins / Farmer Carry

15 American Hammer/Walking Toe Toches

15 LBC’s/Cusack Mosey (Hold Cinder Block over Head)

15 Squats / Walking Lunges

When finished plank or pick up the 6

Circle Up:

10 Shoulder Press

10 Little Baby Arm Circles

10 Little Baby Arm Circles backwards

10 Seal Claps

End with the 2 minute low plank challenge.


We all have a sphere of influence. Family, wife, kids, work, church or neighbors.  Like it or not people are watching, listening and in some cases emulating.  We can all act correctly, look good and be the man in our public life but it’s what we do in private that matters.  Examine your thought life, examine what you do when no one is looking. Does it line up with what you’re know for in your public life.  Be genuine, be real but most of all be the best you can be.


Best in Show tried to be Prosciutto today but he caught himself before he sunk too far into the depths of the man crush zone.  He must have been dreaming of gold chains complementing his beautiful hair.

We discovered today that Candu is scared of feral cats, the man is full of surprises.  We though he was fearless. 

Ascot still has a broken tail light.  IronButt reminded him of that and Ascot responded with a blow horn. Honestly guys, I raised him better then that.  He must have learned that in college. 

We were all so glad Moneyball finally posted at the Boneyard…Oh wait, not he didn’t he Fart Sacked.  We’ll forgive him this time, but do it again and you’re dead to me. 


Told those who have been coming a while that it’s time to Q.  No excuses, Sept schedule will be needing to fill in some slots and I’m expecting some of those spots to be filled up. 

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