Boneyard – Teambuilder “Rosie Palms”

QIC: Vila

Date: 08/27/2019

PAX: The Count, Sidekick, Free Time, Peanuts, Vsquared, Ascot, Sunburn, Cliffhanger, Deep End, Backfire, Back Pew, Ducktales

AO: Boneyard

Warm up:

  1. SSH IC x25
  2. CottonPickers IC x15
  3. Carolina drydocks IC x15
  4. SSH IC x20
  5. Windmills IC x15
  6. SSH IC x15
  7. Plank IC x20
  8. SSH IC x10
  9. 8 count bodybuilder (8cbb) 1C x8
  10. SSH IC x5
  11. Spiderman IC x8


  1. Mosey to the tennis courts

Warm up 2:

  1. Forward Fold x15
  2. Plank IC x10
  3. Slow Count to Up Dog x 10 sec
  4. Up Dog x15
  5. Down Dog x15
  6. Forward Fold x15
  7. Frog
  8. Recover


  1. Mosey to lower track at first light post
  2. Wheelbarrow to first light post and switch
  3. Wheelbarrow to second light post
  4. Lunge together
  5. Crabwalk together
  6. Inchworm together
  7. Hold al gore at work out pad


Cycle (partner):

  1. Leg throws OYO x10 each person
  2. Patty cakes 4ct OYO x10
  3. Russian twists 4ct. OYO x10
  4. Sit up pass 4ct OYO x10
  5. Squat dips OYO x x10 each person

Mini Dora – running around the workout pad

50 Dips

100 box jumps

50 pull ups

200 LBCs


“Watch your thoughts; they become words.


Watch your words; they become actions.


Watch your actions; they become habit.


Watch your habits; they become character.


Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”


Count  – 13 (Vila’s lucky number)





Deep End needs some patience

V2 needs to stay strong

Backfire’s neighbor on Signal, single mother with 3 kids in ICU. Not looking good.

The Count’s relative is going into surgery