Up & Down The Landfill We Go

QIC: Candu

Date: 08/24/19

PAX: Skitch, Peanuts, Money Ball, Back Pew, Sunburn (respect), FNG-Head Gasket, Pink Panther, Songbird, Goose

AO: The Landfill




Pax jogged The Landfill together to get the heart rate up while Q explained The Thang

The Thang – The Candu IronPax Prep

Everyone begins at a different station

  1. Bottom Gate – Merkins – 25
  2. Bottom Parking Lot – Bicep Curls – 25
  3. Middle Parking Lot – Tricep Extensions – 25
  4. Playground – Pullups – 10
  5. Playground – Swing Crunches – 25
  6. Lower Pavilion – Bench Step Ups – 20 each leg
  7. STR8 shot to Upper Pavillion – walking lunges from light pole to light pole
  8. Upper Pavilion – Shoulder Presses – 25 
  9. Corner of Walkway & Parkway – Coupon Swings – 25
  10. Mosey down hill to gate
  11. Record Your Time

All Pax finished 1 round, only a couple finished 2

Will modify & finesse for future beat downs 

Most finished ~25 minutes

Mary – Hollywoodz x 10 each side just to say we did some


This was a solo beatdown. You were OYO, often w/o visibility of other HIMs. Pax agreed upon seeing other HIMs motivation and energy increased.

That my friends, is the beauty of F3.

Simply seeing you fellow brethren from afar and becoming excited you’re no longer alone pushes you to give more of yourself. 


Head Gasket told the longest story I’ve ever heard BUT it was while his family was in Madagascar so it was cooler than any story I ever tell, long or short, since I’ve never been to Madagascar. 


IronPax for all the playas

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