Pain Train Relay/On Call

QIC: WuzntMe

Date: 8/30/2019

PAX:  FNG -Teacher’s Pet, ToeTag, Jazzy Jag, Tracksuit, MaYhem (R), Centerfold, John Doe, Ducktales, Clothespin, Bernie, Sparkles, Vila, Gaylord, Can Man (R), Flatline, Sidekick, Madoff, Rainman, DNF, Threeskin, Freetime, Peanuts, Fastlane

AO: Hacksaw


58 degrees. In August. 


Mosey to the Great Flag:
SSH x25 IC
WillieMaysHayes x20 IC
Forward Fold x30
Merkins x 15 IC
Royce Gracies x10 IC
Mtn Climbers x 20 IC
SSH x 20 IC

The Thang

Mosey under Apison Pike to the pickleball courts
Pain Train Relay 
Split PAX up into six quartets. First man does one exercise, while 2-4 do their designated exercises AMRAP. When 1 returns, 2 does first exercise, 3 does second exercise, etc. Y’know, a relay. 

First Heat:
1: Bear Crawl down to end of courts and back
2: Freddie Mercuries AMRAP
3: Worst Merkins Ever (wide, normal, diamond, normal, wide) AMRAP
4: Imperial Walker
Quartet grabs air chair on the fence until all PAX are completed.

Intermission: all PAX mosey two laps around court

Second Heat:
1: High knees to end of court and back
3: Shoulder taps AMRAP
4: Lunges

Intermission:  one mosey lap, then two cell mates (Merkin, parker peter, merkin, parker peter, merkin, burpee, hot sauce jump)

Third heat:
1: Bernie down and back
2: Flutter kicks AMRAP
3: Dive bombers AMRAP
4: Dips AMRAP

Intermission: one lap, two cellmates

Fourth heat: 
1: Primetime down and back
2: 100s AMRAP
3: Mtn Climbers AMRAP
4: Balls to the wall/decline merkins AMRAP

Mosey back to the Domino’s lot. 




Last week, my son was rushed to the hospital. My wife frantically tried to call me, but couldn’t reach me, as I was at F3, and left my phone in the car. By the time I got the message, and realized how serious the situation was, my wife and kids were already in the ER. I was caught flat footed, unaware, and unprepared. When I got to the ER at TC Thompson, I promised her that I would be on call from there on out, and since then, I’ve always had a phone on me. Thankfully, my son is OK, but I never should have allowed myself to be put in that position.

As men, we are on call for many things. We prioritize our lives as we see fit, and are willing to drop everything for what we make important. My challenge to each and every man in the group is this: for what are you on call? Is it work? Your family? College football? What takes priority in your life, and what falls to the wayside as a result? Do you need to reorganize your priorities? 

MaYhem led us out.


YHC explained the importance of the Just One More ending cadence at Hacksaw, then promptly screwed it up for the next exercise. Royce Gracies are hard to do in a small circle. 
Jokes abound in the COP – namely, being a little early for some things. John Doe doesn’t mind; he still has two daughters. Man can take a joke with the best of ’em.
Coffeeteria at ChickFilA; pretty sure we rolled 12 deep, and broke their morning rush.


Join IronPax, you bums. Convergence on Monday at Beast Ridge.

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