Blood Sweat and Tears (and other fluids)

QIC: 9-Volt

Date: 4/27/2023

PAX: Ricki Lake, Term Limit, Full Moon, Ram Rod, Pipe Line, Glitter Bomb, Bernie, Joe Jelly

AO: Hacksaw


I got soul and I’m super bad – James Brown


PAX Meet at the pavillion with blocks

SSHIn Cadence20
Willy Maze HazeIn Cadence10
Forward FoldIn Cadence
(As God intended)
Down Dog
Up Dog
Tea Time
Runner’s Stretch
Baby Arm Circles – FwdIn Cadence10
Baby Arm Circles – RevIn Cadence10
Seal ClapIn Cadence10
SSHIn Cadence

The Thang – Soul Train Tribute

The PAX may use a block for extra resistance

Exercise Qty
Block Lunge10Each Side
Split Calf Raise- straight leg 10Elevate one foot on a bench. Keep leg straight
Split Calf Raise- Bent Leg10Elevate one foot on a bench. Keep leg bent
Block lift 10Sit on bench, put toe in block, lift with ankle
1 leg squat10Stand on block put one foot in air, lower until it touches the ground
Angled calf raise20Back against wall at angle, plant heel and toe raise
Squats w/block20
Lounge Act20Each side
Monkey Humpers20
Belly Flop Flutter Kick20Lay on your belly
Touch Rafters10Jump up and touch rafters
Jump Rope1 Min
Standing leg lift10each side
Repeat above exercises once
Extra Credit was given for farting while performing standing leg lifts
Contestants were disqualified if they shit themselves
(Pipe Line)

The soundrack for this morning festivities was inspired by watching Soul Train every Saturday during the 70’s


Pay attention to all the muscles we used today that you didn’t know you had. If you are unballanced you should feel it tomorrow.

Great sphincter control was demonstrated by all in attendance


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    Who Makes the History You Celebrate

    QIC:  Mr. Clean

    Date: 02/20/2023

    PAX: Bonsai, Escobar, Loggins, Mayhem (Respect), Ricki Lake, Snatch, Toe Tag

    AO: Hacksaw


    Fairly clear morning. Temps in lower 50s.


    SSH x20 IC
    Forward Fold OYO
    Various Yoga “Stretches”
    Willie Mays Hayes

    The Thang

    Before we began but after the Disclaimer began, YHC mentioned visiting AOs on “holidays”, which drew some instant Mumblechatter from certain Pax, and the Summer now that YHC has reentered the Education world. This was a strategic comment to be addressed later in the COT…stay tuned
    In other news, the routine below was stolen from Knox’s Drive-Thru. Running was “modified up” and the Blockees were “modified down”
    Drive Thru’s Modified Routine

    Complete all exercises in sets of 25. After each set of 25, mosey to a predetermined point.
    150 — Curls
    25 yard Mosey
    125 — Block Squats
    50 yard Mosey
    100 — Overhead Presses
    75 yard Mosey
    75 — KB Swings
    100 yard mosey
    50 — Thrusters
    125 yard Mosey
    25 — Burpees


    Now, back to the “Disclaimer Comment” regarding our proverbial “holidays”. Simply put, interpretation of holidays has now become quite the comical topic in our daily grammatical semantics. Of course, most would consider certain “holidays” fairly universally celebrated in terms of “time off” such as Christmas/Independence Day etc.
    Today’s COT was neither about what we deem as holidays, nor which holidays should or should not be celebrated. Today’s COT was about the fact that most of these holidays represent some sort of historical significance, and while most of us, at the very least, recgonize or celebrate this historical significance; we are often very detached from that actual significance and it’s often by no fault of our. These historical events simply happened long before us.
    Therefor, our responsibility is to focus on the “Now” and the “Who” in which and for whom we make history. What really matters? What really matters are the “holidays” we make with those most important to us. Celebrate George Washington, cool. Are you celebrating your 2.0’s improvement in reading? Celebrate Independence Day, cool. Are you celebrating the fact you get to enjoy Independence by celebrating a random date night with your M?
    Bottom line: recognize the importance of history so we can avoid past mistake and build upon positive achievements, BUT let the celebrating of history come with those of whom you make it…


    My playlist once again garnered some nice Mumblechatter from the Hack Pack.
    Loggins does not know Messina
    Mercer is in Macon but also in Atlanta and it’s really freaking expensive to get a pharmacy degree and to live there…


    Tuff Muff this Saturday 02/25/2023
    Come visit Shot House on Saturday 03/25/2023 for a fun morning of Capture the Flag
    Chubby’s still and always will need volunteers, items, and prayers


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      Phil Collins Day – A day which will live in infamy [tribute]

      QIC:  Prosciutto

      Date: 08/19/2022

      PAX: Bernie, FNG-Headgear, Full Moon, Hurt Locker, Love Boat, Manscaper, Mr. Burns, Ricki Lake, Quackers (Respect), Roundup, Term Limit, Toe Jelly, Tube Squeeze, Uncle Joe, Weblow, Woodrider, WuzntMe, Zoosk

      AO: Hacksaw


      To start, the weather… which was spectacular; mid/high 60’s and a large volume of floating precipitation (some call it relative humidity, but what is that even, really?). When I’m in the mood to have a bit of fun, I think about RELATIVE part of relative humidity. Take this example. On occasion, you may be asked

      “How are you?” or in Soddy-Daisy, they say, “How yins bin gettin along?”… to which, your relative humidity response is, “Relatively speaking, sir/madam/it/they, we are 70%. AveryLouise-ElizabethGrace just had a tooth pulled by an orthodontist we named this morning ‘Headgear’. Our youngest, SterlinJoe MapleGlaze has really taken a liking to fishing this summer. So, relatively good”.

      — Or, how about this’n…

      Let’s say I need to buy a set of tires and am looking to see what it’d cost me for my 2003 ‘Champagne’ (Desert Sand) Honda Accord (real nice) …. the Soddy-Daisy inquiry goes like this,

      “2003 Hyundai, you sed? When you fixin’ to grow a set and buy a truck with real man attitude and knob’d tar’s, wussy boy? You even go by a boy, anyways? Not with that stupid sensible family sedan. Grow a set ‘nden come see me. Y’aint wastin’ my time no more. Also, humidity ain’t kin to no’one, what’s all that relative booshit?!”

      Relative Humidity would say: “That response seems to be 80% fair, 40% inaccurate and 11% laced with American badass. By the way, I drive a Honda, not a Hyundai.”

      I digress, this is supposed to be about the conditions; but the reader can obviously … err, how do I put this… Relate.

      YHC had anticipated rain, but alas The Steve was incorrect in its position last night, promising 60% chance of it. A big fat zero amount of precip this morning made Prosciutto 99% unhappy. YHC must’ve learned the nursery song wrong, “Rain rain come today, come back again everyday. Make our day great okay, rain rain come today.” Happiness doesn’t look to tomorrow, though, right? OOH! WAIT UNTIL THE END!

      Aside from the weather and “conditions” report. Can we talk about the sound of the traffic over dey? Seriously, I’m hoarse from over-projection in cadence and instruction. They’s too many houses up-in the Collegedale city limits. That, or Collegedale parkway is too convenient for the rural folks (who talk like the Soddy’s). It’s gotta stop.

      The grass where we laid / flopped around / sometimes just had conversation while laying around, seemed to be recently trimmed which was just great because gobs of grass down your Fabletics go nowhere but straight to one’s arsehole; couple that with the relative… ahh, you get it. That’s a gift that keeps on giving, if you ask me. But you didn’t. You want to know what we worked on? Guess what, it’s coming. And it wasn’t our feelings. Maybe, perhaps, our relative feelings?

      Foot hydration score was relatively 65 out of a total possible 99. You see, the relative scale doesn’t allow for such upper boundary readings (or lower for that matter), so you can remove the 100 and the 0 from any relative scale. They’re far-too exact. This relative stuff is just as inexact as it is inaccurate.


      1/2 mile jaunt to and around the flags, then some stretching, mid-wife noises, SSHs, 3rd Grade Exercises, WMHs, discussion on tappy-taps (wtf?), YELLING CADENCE BECAUSE OF THE TRAFFIC — CAN YOU EVEN READ THIS, IT’S SO LOUD?!

      The Thang

      Must say — was thinking this one up for a few weeks since I know the Hacksaw faithful are a demanding bunch of athletic prestige.

      Like LA Gear commercials used to say, “If you don’t come strong, you don’t come at all.”
      4 bang ladder
      Ladder to 11, like any old ladder routine, but with a pack of four exercises and a surprise on the other end. 1 and 10, 2 and 9, 3 and 8, 4 and 7… and so on.

      1 – HR Merkin, SSH, Bonnie Blair, X-Factors
      -run to the far cone-
      10 SSH and 1 Blockee (yes, just one, Zima; it’s okay this way)

      Repeat until flip flopped

      4 Jail breaks in between at YHC call


      James Oppenheimer wrote:
      “The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise man grows happiness under his feet.

      Today, you have today. Tomorrow is tomorrow. Save tomorrow’s worries for tomorrow — don’t miss out on your chance of happiness today. For today, every second, every moment today you have the choice to choose happy. Grow your happiness today (now) and happiness in the distance will find you; rain or no rain. Compound it like inflation and spread it like butter.


      On this day in 2022, Prosciutto’s Phil Collins Day Q goes on record as the greatest day in Hacksaw AO history

      Them: “This is the greatest workout we’ve ever had at Hacksaw”
      Me: “I know. Relatively speaking.”

      Even though I had to endure a one-way 26 mile drive to your land of disenchantment, I did enjoy my time. Missed a few friendly faces which would have widened my scope to yell more loudly, but I’d do that for y’all if it ever came to it. But, I’m just not sorry enough that you missed what some say was the greatest event in Hacksaw’s history. Second only to my last Q here by a few relative degrees. Most of you missed that, too. ::peace-sign::


      Iron Pax “Challenge”, Chubby’s ongoing efforts, Chinese Metal Rock concert October 2nd (see Full Moon for details)

      Recent Backblasts

        Only Fools Believe There Is a Hill at Hacksaw

        QIC:  Full Moon

        Date: 04/01/2022

        PAX: Chief, Ditka, El Chapo (RESPECT), Landmine, Life Alert, M.I.A., Mayhem (RESPECT), Mr. Burns, Sousa, Toe Jelly, Toe Tag, Top ‘Em, Uncle Joe

        AO: Hacksaw


        45 degrees or so – perfect weather for broga foolishness


        Met at the Commons; disclosure

        SSH x26; forward fold, OYO; walk it out to downward dog, heels on the ground, then right over left, left over right; move to plank for world’s greatest okayest stretch – right, then left

        Mosey from the Commons to the top of Mt. Hacksaw the Increased Gravity Zone

        The Thang

        A Ladder, of sorts

        Upon completion of each rung/mosey, PAX were instructed to plank/have tea time to wait for six… mostly heavy breathing, cursing of YHC, and 10 counts ensued

        Up the ladder we go
        1st rung: 10 burpees, mosey to the bottom of Mt. Hacksaw the Increased Gravity Zone

        2nd rung: 10 burpees, 20 squats, mosey to the top of Mt. Hacksaw the Increased Gravity Zone

        3rd rung: 10 burpees, 20 squats, 30 big bois, mosey to the bottom

        4th rung: 10 burpees, 20 squats, 30 big bois, 40 flutter kicks (hard count), mosey to the top

        5th rung (top of the ladder): 10 burpees, 20 squats, 30 big bois, 40 flutter kicks (hard count), 50 heel touches (hard count), mosey to the bottom

        Back down the ladder, yet up the Increased Gravity Zone
        4th rung: 10 burpees, 20 squats, 30 big bois, 40 flutter kicks (hard count), mosey to the top

        3rd rung: 10 burpees, 20 squats, 30 big bois, mosey to the bottom

        2nd rung: 10 burpees, 20 squats, mosey back to the Commons

        1st rung: 10 burpees Time


        Don’t just be in the moment, enjoy it – whether it be with family or friends, working out, at work, etc. Not all moments are enjoyable but find the good where you can, especially with loved ones, and enjoy it.


        No one was fooled by YHC’s attempt at pranking the PAX into believing they were in for a relaxing broga set

        “Full Moon: you realize we’re still running, right?”

        Uncle Joe continues to insist heel touches are a partner exercise… YHC does not completely disagree, but for today they remained solo

        Mr. Burns was excused to handle some very important paperwork… thankfully we have (for now) a Johnny-On-The-Spot nearby

        Life Alert lamented, a lot, that we ran way more than YHC had led him to believe – this is debatable depending on one’s point of view, yet he may never come back to Hacksaw

        “Stay away from me or I’m gonna hit you” – directed at YHC

        “Hated it” – everyone


        Sousa’s going away #2nd-f event tomorrow, 4/2 – see channel and/or Blue for info on how to sign up to throw axes at Sousa; Chubby’s; Habitat for Humanity dates now live on #3rd-f; upcoming 2.0 days (including Good Friday w/Mr. Burns at the Hack); Inaugural Battery PokerRunRuck For the Cure Brought to You by Mountain Dew on 4/23; Grow Ruck event upcoming – see Vila, Mayhem, or Ducktales

        There IS a Core Down There

        QIC:  M.I.A.

        Date: 02/21/22

        PAX: Full Moon, Ramrod (Respect), Tinder, Toe Tag

        AO: Hacksaw


        It was a real beaut of a morning. About 40 and light wind.


        Mosey to the Veteran’s Park, followed by a lap around the outside of the park.

        Forward Fold
        Willie Mays Hayes
        Lil’ Baby Arm Circles
        Big Arm Circles

        Enough of that

        The Thang

        5 Stations:
        Flutter Kicks
        Deadlift (60 lb. Sandbag)
        Ab Roller (of Death)
        Slam Ball American Hammers
        Slam Ball Burpee Toss – Control

        Each PAX at a station, completed exercise until the control station completed a circuit of throwing the slam ball approximately 25 yards (burpee before each toss) and back. Then PAX rotate.

        After each complete rotation PAX completed an indigenous people’s run around the park (400m)


        There was a COT. If you were there you heard it.


        There was a large amount of dislike of that ab roller.

        YHC was filling in for a HIM that had to deal with some family issues, offered to two other PAX to take the Q, as both hemmed and hawed, YHC finally had to take the reigns. Those two PAX still moaned about it.

        Toe Tag blames the ab roller (of death) for his probable hernia. YHC takes referral fees doc.


        3rd F things, 1st F things…. we may need to plan some more 2nd F things.

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          Group Exercises do not imply Partner Exercises

          QIC: Full Moon

          Date: 01/28/2022

          PAX: AOL, Escobar, Mayhem, Ramrod, Seagull, Toe Tag, Tube Squeeze, Uncle Joe

          AO: Hacksaw


          Still cold, 35ish, but not as miserable as the other day


          SSH x25 IC, WMH x12 IC, Toe Merkins x25 OYO, Forward Fold x10 IC, LBAC x10 IC, RLBAC x10 IC, Tea Time OYO (not a partner exercise, despite Uncle Joe’s insistence it is)

          Mosey from the Flag to the Flag

          The Thang

          Friday fill-ins are fun (alliteration, amiright?) – will we do the same thing as Wednesday? Will it be something completely brand new and earth-shattering? Or, way more likely, will YHC shamelessly duplicate another workout (with some mods) from a recent post?

          For this routine, PAX were advised to focus on form and not worry about # of sets – some of them took this to mean they need only apply minimal effort, which was promptly struck down – underachieving does not equal solid, hard work (TWSS)

          The Workout that is much better with music, but no music was provided:
          13 of each:
          Air Lifters (somebody’s gotta raise this roof)
          Leg Lifts (Heels to Heaven, Kamala Harrises, et al.)
          Plank Jacks
          Dips – these can be a partner exercise, should you need more resistance (and have a willing partner… TWSS)

          Do 13 reps of each, take a lap on the inner loop, then do 12, then 11… down to 1 – be sure to take a lap after each set (this is a Full Moon Q, after all). Most PAX got through the set with 6 reps of the exercises, while the overachievers absolute units (cough, AOL, Mayhem, Toe Tag, cough) got through 5, maybe 4


          Birthday Burpees for Tube Squeeze!


          Patience and being present, especially with 2.0’s. YHC’s kiddos are amazing all the way around (no bias), but they sure know how to press buttons. Being patient and letting them work through feelings/outbursts/etc. is much easier, eventually, than exacerbating the situation by blowing up. Regarding being present: it’s all to easy at the end of a long day to just sit and peruse the ole phone (esp. on Friday’s with Pro’s Wordle commentary…) but, you know what’s way more fun? Cooking fake food and mixing fakes drinks with the 2.0’s for a fake party they are putting on later – cheers.

          Be patient. Be present. Be kind. Enjoy life and the people around you.


          “I could certainly do without the laps” and “I’ve seen enough of you this week, Full Moon”


          Chubby’s – we need to fill up Feb. schedule

          Multiple Habitat for Humanity opportunities available – see #3rd-f channel and Mayhem – these may be rescheduled based on response

          Tuff Muff coming up – see #convergence-csaup channel – gonna be fun/ridiculous

          4th Weekend – see channel and/or WuzntMe

          The U officially launches Monday, 1/31 – Mondays & Wednesdays 0530 at East Hamilton High

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            Conscientious Objector

            QIC:  Mr. Clean

            Date: 01/21/2022

            PAX: Blair Witch, Choo Choo, Full Moon, Ramrod, Tube Squeeze 

            AO: Hacksawi


            Somewhere between — I can’t feel anything and 28 degrees. Giant “Ole Glory” was waving with glorious symmetry in the whipping winds. Desmond and the many others looked upon us as a reminder to always give “just one more”.


            SSH x20 IC
            Forward Fold OYO
            Willie Mays Hayes x12 IC
            SSH x10 IC

            The Thang

            Mosey to “The” Flag, and drop our blocks with Desmond to stand guard. From here, we started the Thang.

            Catch Me if You Can
            Grab a partner. Partner 1 completes 20 Plank Jacks.
            Partner 2 bear crawls.
            Partner 1 moseys to Partner 2.
            Flapjack it.
            Rinse and Repeat it until we arrive back to Desmond.
            Plank for the Six.

            Upper Body Dora
            Shoulder Presses — 200
            Curls — 200
            Bench Press — 200
            Bent Over Rows — 200
            Leg Raises — 200
            Pax seemed to grumble a bit about the traveling method. If YHC recalls correctly, it was something along the lines of; “we couldn’t just do a regular Dora, we had to almost like a suicide thing or ladder deal”.
            Above is a pretty accurate description: each time a partner traveled he went to, he went one Star further and ran back. Once we got to the Army Star, it got much much easier as we worked our way in reverse from there.
            Time. Mosey to Flag.


            Desmond Doss, known for incomparable bravery, was a “Conscientious Objector”. In the times I have Qed Hacksaw, I failed to truly recognize this American Hero, and the example he gives us in which to live.
            We all have a moral compass, and in today’s world, we are often encouraged that our moral compass calls us to anger or “set aside” someone with different viewpoints or different moral compasses.
            Desmond Doss reminds us we should have a different approach in life.
            As Choo Choo reminded us at Shot House on Monday, our mental state and mental discipline, or lack thereof, guide our habits. Our habits create a perception of us to others.
            How do his COT meld with Desmond Doss’s lesson? A strong moral compass will guide self-discipline which will create positive habits which, in turn, will only help others see a positive light and love in us.
            See, Desmond had a strong moral compass, so much so that he loved his fellow man enough to serve and risk his life but also stood behind his morals of not harming another person. He reminds us of the power of standing strong in our morals while also providing love and service to others.
            How about we strive to do this? Stand strong for what is right. What is right is loving and serving others. This takes immeasurable amounts of self-discipline, BUT it also leads to positive habits that impact others in a positive way.
            Finally, in turn, those positive habits often lead to the “change you want to see in the world”.


            “WE couldn’t just do an easy Dora, we had to do like a suicide or ladder type thing” — Full Moon
            Somehow, Totanka’s running pace was mentioned…News Flash — He. Runs. Fast.
            Apparently, there was a lot of arm work completed at the Hackliment locations this week.
            “There is no fast way to do these either” — response to a change from Upright Rows to Leg Raises


            Tough Muff — Details coming

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              The Shopkeeper and His Son Were A Different Story Altogether…

              QIC:  WuzntMe

              Date: 1/17/22

              PAX: Ramrod, Full Moon, John Doe, WreckedEm (with a W), MIA, Bernie, Choo Choo



              Cold, frozen, and covered in ice and snow. However, you wouldn’t know from Ramrod’s insistence that it’s shorts weather.


              Various amounts of SSH and stretches. Plus some burpees. Unoriginal.

              The Thang

              Countdown to the Countdown:

              13 of each:
              Leg Lifts
              Incline merkins
              Decline merkins

              Do all 13, then when finished, do 12, then 11, so on. Everytime the timer goes off, 5 dips.

              Q: Modification for dips?
              A: Burpees.
              Choo Choo: hellyeah. <proceeds to do burpees in weightvest while somewhere in the distance a bald eagle screams and freedom happens and we win the cold war again>

              Pax “enjoyed” some stoner rock.


              Shared a story about how yesterday I was consumed with a task at hand, and almost missed an opportunity to pepper my M with snowballs. I am admittedly awful about getting focused on a task and forgetting to actually live in the moment. One day, after I will have spent the entirety of my life making plans, I will realize that I have burned through my youth and the only plan left is to die. Live in the moment, put aside your plans, and take the opportunities as they come.


              Pretty sure that this is the first time the term “douchebag” has ever been used during formal prayer requests. Our apologies to the Almighty, but we are thankful for John Doe’s new adventure. Douchebag.

              Full Moon forgot about Clutch. Vamanos, vamanos.

              Ramrod voiced his displeasure that the PAXs’ Ms don’t respect classic drummers.

              Most of the PAX have been through this particular workout before; MIA reminded me that this was unoriginal. I reminded him of the Hacksaw mission statement : World’s most unoriginal AO, where everything is likely to be better somewhere else.


              Tuff Muff on 2/19
              4th F Weekend in May

              Recent Backblasts

                Hacksaw Men Love to Bear Crawl!

                QIC:  Abercrombie

                Date: 12/31/2021

                PAX: Bernie, Cooter, Escobar, Full Moon, M.I.A., Oui Oui, Picabo, Seagull, Tinder

                AO: Hacksaw


                Mid 50’s, nice breeze, few wet spots in the pavement, PERFECT CONDITONS


                •Side Staddle Hop (25 IC)

                •Forward fold to calf stretch

                •Calf raises (50 regular, 50 pigeon, 50 duck, 50 regular)

                •Mosey to the Collegedale Library

                •Motivators (We counted down from 10)

                •LBACs (10 IC)

                The Thang

                Bear crawl in cadence with Merkin. This was miserable, but we made it to 100 merkins!

                Bear crawl Indian run (Bataan Death Crawl). Pax in the front yells “five!” (I come from the Battery and that’s as high as we can count). This is a signal for the Pax in the back to complete 3 burpees and run to the front of the line and yells “Five!”.

                Killer B’s

                •Broad jump to 1st cone

                •10 Burpees

                •10 Bonnie Blairs

                •10 Big Boys

                •Bear crawl back

                We only completed one round of Killer B’s

                Dora Bear Crawl: One Pax Bear Crawls while the other curls for a total of 100

                Mary: Picabo (Plank) Cooter (Heel Touches) TIME!


                For the COT, I wanted to put in a plug for the Q Source at Chic-fil-a following Monday morning beatdowns.  Q Source is leadership study materials developed by the co-founders of F3.  I shared highlights from the chapter on Influence (Q2.2).  Basically, there are two primary ways to influence people to an advantageous change: words (and the way you say them) and deeds (the behavior you model).  A high impact man understands that movement must be voluntary for it to result in a true advantage, and he can not compel movement through the force of his will.

                Anyway, its good stuff.  If you have never attended, you are missing out. 


                Ok, I probably had one of my biggest laughs during this Q. At one point during the bear crawl merkins, I turned around to realize that I was the only one actually doing anything; the entire pax was just walking behind me counting cadence. What a bunch of wise guys!

                I’m not sure if the motivators actually motivated anyone, but I am sure that everyone pushed themselves and got a little bit better this morning.


                Convergence tomorrow! Be safe tonight.

                Recent Backblasts

                  8 BAMF Dorka – Like a Dora, but a little dumber

                  QIC:  Tatonka

                  Date: 11/29/2021

                  PAX: AOL, Bandwagon, Bernie, Choo Choo, iLean, Lutefisk, M.I.A., Mandela, Mr. Burns, Picabo, Seagull, Sea Through, Toe Tag, Uncle Joe, Wuzn’tMe

                  AO: Hacksaw


                  Low 30s, low wind. Cold but manageable as long as Q kept PAX moving


                  SSH x10 IC
                  LBAC x 10 IC
                  SSH x10 IC
                  Reverse LBAC x10 IC
                  SSH x10 IC
                  Seal Claps x 10 IC
                  SSH x10 IC
                  Moroccan Night Clubs x10 IC
                  SSH x10 IC

                  The Thang

                  8 BAMF Dorka
                  PAX partner up

                  Partner 1 runs a lap of the inside circle
                  Partner 2 completes the designated exercise until Partner 1 returns
                  Partner 1 then begins doing designated exercise while Partner 2 runs

                  A typical Dora consists of completing a set number of reps of each exercise before switching to the next exercise. This workout did not have a goal rep count of each exercise. Rather, PAX continued with one exercise until Q called for a switch. Hence this was a Dorka, kind of like a Dora but a little dumber.

                  Exercises completed were:
                  8 count bodybuilders x 5 min
                  Big Boy Sit Ups x 5 min
                  Air Squats x 5 min
                  Mountain Climbers x 5 min
                  Flutter Kicks x 5 min

                  After 5 minutes of flutter kicks, PAX performed the following:

                  Indian Run
                  Merkin Circle – PAX position themselves in high plank position. Q completes one merkin while rest of PAX hold high plank. Next PAX in line completes one merkin followed by next PAX in line who completes one merkin, etc. When it gets back to Q, Q completes 2 merkins. Next PAX in line completes 2 merkins, etc. We repeated this process to a 5 merkin count.

                  Finished with 2 minutes of Mary


                  Mark 10:45 – “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

                  I spoke on the importance of being a servant to others, especially this time of year. It’s easy to get caught up in material things around the holidays, but service towards others comes in many forms and can be often overlooked. My pastor spoke on it a month ago and told everyone to set a daily alarm for 10:45 AM that says, “Mark 10:45 – How can I be a servant today?” This daily reminder helps keep me in check and forces me to think about ways I can serve others in my daily life to ultimately live a more Christlike lifestyle.


                  It turns out that no gloves while planking on concrete for several minutes is not a great combination. Just ask Mandela.

                  Picabo looked entirely too excited for his turn in Mary when he called 1 minute plank to end the workout.

                  M.I.A. loved the Q’s music selection so much. He neglected to point it out until he was thanking him for his leadership in the slack channel later that morning.


                  Chubbies is always looking for volunteers on Monday nights to minister to Chattanooga’s homeless population. Talk to Mayhem or check the serve schedule on the 3rd-F slack channel if you are interested in helping out.

                  Several guys have come down with injuries or other life events that are going to keep them away from F3 for a while. Not everyone has another outlet for fellowship so make sure to reach out to guys to check in with them.

                  Recent Backblasts