Iron Pax Thanks

QIC: Skitch

Date: 09/24/2019

PAX: Back Pew, Belly Roll, Callahan, (more) Cowbell, Curfew, Deerjack, Free Candy, Freetime, Hansen, Hobo, Red Tees, Ringwald, Sherlock, Sinai, Sunshine, Uncle Fester

AO: Hill City


Muggy. The calendar says fall. The humidity says otherwise.

Disclaimer with special provisions for Iron Pax and workout modifications. COT (preshow): Quick thanks for Iron Pax: showed me my strengths and limitations, revealed some new leaders/Q’s, highlighted that normal F3 is more than just the first F.


SSH x 30 IC

Forward fold x 20 IC

Imperial Walkers x 15 IC

Slow squats x 5 IC

Mosey and pick up rocks, mosey to Big Cool Circle.

The Thang

Iron Pax. Some were doing Iron Pax. Others were doing a Iron Pax, modified.
Iron Pax week 4

Choose your poison:

100 cumulative Merkins and/or Squats

100 yard out & back coupon carry

100 cumulative Coupon Swings and/or Bonnie Blairs

100 yard out & back coupon carry

100 cumulative CouponThrusters and/or Traveling Lunge Steps

100 yard out & back coupon carry

Iron Paxers did 3 rounds for time

Other PAX modified with natural coupons and fewer rounds, modifying as appropriate.

Time and overtime.


COT Part II: Thanks for little v. thanks for feast. Two stories in the New Testament that give parallel accounts of Jesus giving thanks over little food.

One: feeding of the 5,000 with 5 loaves and 2 fish. Two: at the Last Supper, Jesus gives the bread and wine to his disciples. In both accounts, Jesus “gives thanks” before giving out the food (and drink).

Giving thanks where you see little and believe in God’s abundant grace. The phrase “give thanks” as used in those passages is the word eucharisteo (from which the word Eucharist is derived). It means “good grace” or if drawn out “thankful for God’s good grace”. Even in the little, we should acknowledge that God is good and enough and give thanks. Thanks is the antidote for fear and pride. It is the opposite of Adam eating the forbidden fruit in the the garden. It is agreeing that God is good.

1st BALL OF MAN: with Ringwald.

2nd BALL OF MAN: with Skitch, carried out by Hobo.


It’s hard to finish on time and all together during Iron Pax. We had 2 Balls of Men. Great compromise for the day. Some love Iron Pax. Some are thankful it is over. As it turns out, rocks and cinder blocks are all heavy and it’s not easy to run with either. Uncle Fester found a good carry hold using his back; I was waiting to see someone carry it on their head, but no one did.


Iron Pax is complete this week. Post those times. Look forward to F3 normal coming in October!

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