Shedding Weight w/ She Shred!

QIC: She Shed

Date: 09/12/2019

PAX: Milkman, Hasbro, Couch Potato, U-Turn, Ducktales, Geek Squad

AO: Huey


Humid AF


Side straddle hop x25
Merkins x15
LBCs x 20
Forward fold 20 secs
Take a lap around the track
Willie Mayes Haze x10
Wind Mill x15
Parker Peters x10
Chinook Squats x10
Take a lap then to stadium

The Thang

American Hammers x10
Box jump up and down
Burpees x10
Box jump up and down
Carolina Dry Docks x10
Box jump up and down
Dolly x10
Wash, rinse, repeat x4
Take a lap around the track
Turnover and Squirkin
Apple turnover Bear crawl/crab walk
Squirkin x10
Mozie back
Wash, rinse, repeat x3


Remember the good things and the bad. The perspective gained in both is what has led you to where you are the experiences gained is what will lead to your future self. 


Hasbro likes She Shed workouts. 


Florida man claims he only drank at stop lights and not while driving.

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