BassPro Boogey: VILA/Iron Butt

QIC: VILA & Iron Butt aka IB

Date: 09/16/2019

PAX: Gaylord, MayHem, Peanuts, Wallflower

AO: Beast Ridge


Gloomy 70s


  1. SSH IC x15
  2. Imperial Walkers IC x15
  3. Slow count Willie May’s hayes IC x10
  4. Forward Fold x15
  5. Plank  x10
  6. Slow push to up Q ct. x10
  7. Up Dog x15
  8. Down Dog x15
  9. Mountain Climbers IC x12
  10. Forward Fold x15
  11. Frog x10

The Thang by IronButt aka IB

BassPro Boogey

Mosey Down the Road a bit

STOP 1:   IC 10 SSHs &  10 Burpees OYO

Mosey Down the Road a bit

STOP 2:  IC 10 SSHs & 10 LBCs

Mosey Down the Road a bit

STOP 3: IC 10 Merkins & 10 SSHs

Mosey Down the Road a bit

STOP 4: Arrive at Bass Pro Shop Entrance; IC 10 Merkins; IC 10 LBCs

Mosey around Bass Pro Shop a bit

STOP 5: IC 10 SSHs; IC 10 Freddy Mercuries

Mosey Down the Road a bit

STOP 6: 20 Dips OYO

Mosey Back Down the Road

STOP 7: IC Hold High Plank; 10 LBCs

Mosey Back Down the Road to Parking Lot

STOP 8:  IC 10 SSHs

LONG Mosey Back Down Road to FINAL STOP: Parking Lot


Experience of more, better, and best are hollow. It about others. Build up and encourage other rather than chasing experiences and feelings and places to give you meaning. It’s about community. Wallflower stayed on IronButt’s 6 when he could have easily busted out. Thank you.



VILA had permission to run like the wind back to the parking lot and he did. He was doing Brogah when the PAX arrived. Gaylord championed through a sore ankle with excellent encouragement and presence from MayHem.



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