Tour De Hacksaw

QIC: WuzntMe

Date: 10/02/2019

PAX: Moondance, MaYhem (R), Toe Tag, Fastlane, Bernie, Semicolon, Early Bird

AO: Hacksaw


Two dadgum hot for October. 


Ran to the Flag, took a hard right and circled up in the New World.

SSH x20
Arm Circles
Seal Claps
Don Quixotes
Little Teapots
Forward Fold
Willie Mays Hayes

High knees, karaoke, and bernie back to the Flag.

The Thang

Flagtime Fun:
Circle up around the Flag:
30 slow squats OYO
5 cellmates

Run under Lil Debbie Parkway

Sheriff’s Lot 11s
1 BBS, 10 reverse lunges. High knees over, Bernie back. Rinse repeat until 10 BBS, 1 reverse lunge

Bearcrawl Boilermaker
Two total revolutions until we spanned a parking lot

Run back to the Domino’s lot

Grab an airchair on the brick wall 
Man on the end does 10 merkins, everyone else does 5, like a cascade. 



Crunches, Flutter kicks, and 100s. 30 seconds each, no stopping, two total rounds. 

Finish with 20 aquamans IC


Anything worth doing is hard. The victory always feels worth it due to the work put in. When you’re in the mire, imagine how great it’s going to be on the other side. Then, pray for the grace for just one more. 


Jazzy Jag couldn’t take the Q, so YHC did a little improv on the day. Escobar and John Doe were with us in spirit through their routine contributions, though Escobar honked at us from his car on Apison Pike… while we were doing the ChowYunFat. Later I called him to let him know they cursed his name while we were doing his routine, and his response, “Huh. That sucks. I was in an air conditioned car, sipping coffee.”  Oi.

We went to areas of the park we’ve never been to before. As a result, Bernie couldn’t find us – he was a few minutes late. 


Upcoming Dad Day. We think.

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