Wednesday – Odin – Lions Den

QIC: Vila

Date: 10/09/2019

PAX: She Shed, The Count, Money Ball, Blindside, Picasso, Lutefisk

AO: Lions Den

  • Warm Up
    1. SSH IC x25
    2. Imperial Walkers IC x15
    3. SSH IC x20
    4. Carolina Drydocks IC x10
    5. SSH IC x15
    6. Willy Mayes Hayes IC x10
    7. Forward Fold
    8. Plank IC x20
    9. Slow push to up
    10. Up Dog
    11. Down Dog
    12. Mountain Climbers IC x8
    13. Forward Fold
    14. Down into frog
  • 21
  • Penalty if we do not stop – DT Burpees IC x5

Find a partner and Mosey to the hill

Hugin and Munin

  • While one partner planks at the other runs up the hill to find the workout and bring it back.
  • The partners complete the workout together and hold until the pax is done.
  • The partners switch, rinse and repeat.
    • Crunch Merkins
    • DT Burpees
    • 8ct Body Builders
    • Thrusters

Mosey to the ball field

  • Odin on Yggdrasil – One pax completes the reps while the other does the hanging workout. 3 rounds.
    • 10 second hang pull up and crunch merkin x10 4ct
    • Hanging trunk twist and shoulder tap merkins x10 4ct
    • Hanging leg raise and reverse Angel’s x20

Dora around the bases while the other completes:

  • Plank rotations x100
  • Thrusters x100
  • Flutter kicks x200

Count  – 7



We are thankful for this morning in the gloom.

We are thankful for the brotherhood that that it brings.

We are mindful of and hopeful for all thoughts and prayers, both spoken and unspoken.

We will carry this into the day, and it will give us the strength, the vision, and the courage to leave this world a better place.

Leave no man behind, and leave no man where you find him.