Royce Gracie Loves Art

QIC: WuzntMe

Date: 10/29/2019

PAX:    Skitch, Hobo, Flemish, Ramos, Sherlock, Bullpen, MoneyBall, Milkman, Sunshine, Uncle Fester, Ringwald, Curfew

AO: All Dem Hills


Dark. Pleasant.


Mosey under the bridge.

30 forward fold IC
10 willie mays hayes IC
4 cellmates IC (merkin/peter/merkin/peter/burpee/hotsauce)
10 dive bombers OYO
10 shoulder taps IC
10 seal claps IC

The Thang

Mosey to the Bridge

High knees from Great Hall to first blue truss. (Note: this was more miserable than initially planned out.)
Separate PAX into groups of two for Indian run to Ice Cream Show.

5 diamond Merkins
10 merkins
15 bonnie blairs
20 squats all OYO as recovery
Plank – 60 second count off
Mosey across the not-glass bridge to the art museum cos these heathens need culture

11s -with stairs between platforms
top platform – 1 Royce Gracie
bottom platform – 10 dive bombers
keep going until 10 Royce Gracies and 1 dive bomber

Back in groups – Indian Run back to parking lot

~back at lot~ Ring of Fire x30, each direction.
100s x20 IC


The missus and I celebrated 7 years of marriage over the weekend, and made the unusual choice to bring our kids with us for our weekend getaway to the NC mountains. I hadn’t seen much of my family this quarter due to work, and I just wanted to spend time with everyone as a cohesive group. It’s easy to work too much, and not be around as often as we’d like. As men, we’re responsible with providing. But never forget *why* you’re working- whether it be for your family, your wife, or to improve yourself so as to attract a partner. Work without purpose is toil – shoutout to Skitch for his prior eloquence on this topic.


Moneyball bailed before namearama. Must’ve been something I said.

Coffee with Ringwald, Ramos, Skitch, and Uncle Fester was excellent. Lots of new faces around Hill City – but some beasts among them.


BX convergence upcoming in November
Hacksaw shirts for sale.

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