Pain Train, kind of

QIC: Sidekick

Date: 11/1/2019

PAX: Pebbles, Iron Butt (RX2), Sunburn (R), Ascot

AO: Boneyard


34 degrees and overcast


Forward fold ICX12; Right over left ICX8; Left over Right ICX8; Cotton Pickers ICX12; SSH ICX25; LABC ICX10; Seal Claps ICX10; Morrocan Night Club ICX10; Shoulder press ICX10; Slow Squats ICX15; Slow Mercans ICX10; Willie Mays Hays ICX12

Mosey a lap, watch out for the puddles

The Thang

Pain Train

5 PAX, 5 Stations

Pull ups X 10; Squats AMRAP; LBC AMRAP; Mercans AMRAP; Big BOI Sit ups AMRAP

PAX take up their stations around the post office and get to work. Man doing the pull ups sets the pace and keys the rotation on the pain train.

We went through one complete cycle and audibled due to everyone (ME) being lonely.

Mosey over to the hill and wall. Dips as each PAX runs up and back down the hill. keep going until everybody has ran the hill

Now, all pull plank. take turns bear crawling up the hill and calling for the next pax to come up. All end up at the top.

Now big boy sit ups at the top and reverse lunge down the hill until all are at the bottom.

Mosey back to the exercise station.

Pick your Poison

15 reps of whatever exercise you want – Run to the half lap mark and back; Repeat twice more



Its cold. hang in there and keep driving guys to F3. Stay active over the winter and you will be better for it. Don’t give in to the sack


I was off my game today. Dragging. Ill be better


OTB at Ridgecut over next few thursdays.

Chatt 3 yr anny at Ridgecut on the 16th

Battery 1 yr anny on 11/23

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