11s with a side of bear meat

QIC: Sidekick

Date: 12/02/2019

PAX: Gru, Mayhem (R), The Count (RX2), Best in Show (R), Peanuts, Swisher, Dolly, Vaccine, Swipe Right, Stars, Walla Walla, Jazzy Jag, Fast Lane, Sparky (R), Red Tees, Plunger

AO: beast Ridge


37 and a Wintry Mix Falling


SSH ICX25; Forward Fold ICX10; LBAC ICX10; Reverse ICX10; Morrocan Night Club ICX10; Shoulder Press ICX15; Willie mays hays ICX12; SSH ICX20; Slow Mercans ICX10

The Thang

Indian Run the long way around to the soccer field

Stop off at bleachers and count off by 3s.

Group 1 – 20 Incline mercans on bottom step; Group 2 – 20 Decline Mercans on 3rd Step; Group 3 – 20 big Boys on top step

Mosey to bath House for some Wall sits with arm movements

Mosey back to steps and repeat the group exercises

Mosey to the corner with the Hill

11s with a side of Bear Meat

Basic 11s – 10 Mercans at the bottom and 1 Monkey Humper at the Top, work your way through the progression until you reach 1 Mercan at the bottom and 10 Monkey humpers at the Top

Bear Crawl up the hill, Crawl bear down the hill

Mosey back around to the bath house for some more Wall Sits

Mosey back to the flag



Nothing substantial today. Proud of the numbers at the Beast and happy to see the growth. Keep it up and keep bringing guys out


Nobody was happy with the bear crawls. Or the Crawl bears actually. Candu needs to up his grunting game in exercises, Mayhem is coming for that belt. The Count needs to be renamed because he obviously can not count.


No news! Hallelujah

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