Carols at the Commons

QIC: Mayhem

Date: 11/29/2019

PAX: Red Tees, 9-Volt (R), Clothespin, Cavity Search, Peanuts, Money Ball, Bernie, Wuzntme, Deep Dish

AO: Hacksaw


Great weather for F3! Cool mid 40s. No rain


Mosey to flag pole and circle up

SSH x 21 IC; WMH x 11 IC; Don Quixote (Windmills) x 11 IC; Side Straddle Skips – CCW/Right x 11 IC; SSS CW/Left x 11 IC; LBAC forward x 11 IC; LBAC back x 11 IC; MNC x 11 IC; Chinooks x 11 IC; Shoulder Press x 11 IC; Worlds Greatest Stretch – Left leg forward – Hold IC x 11, WGS – R x 11 IC, 21 + 5 Penalty Burpees (Thank you Deep Dish!)

The Thang

Indian Run to Imagination Station Playground with extra credit if you can sing ‘Joy to the World’ while running – no takers (Had to go back to parking lot and frogger across the road since construction has path under road blocked)

Intermediate Upper Body Work

Pair up and find a place for pull-ups: Each PAX perform 5 Pull-Ups and 10 Merkins Each swapping out – 2 Rounds

Hallelujah Indian Run to Founders Hall Pavilion and each HIM grab a Concrete Paver off of pile and proceed to bottom of small hill behind Pavilion.

7s as follows

Round 1 – Manmakers with Pavers at bottom / Bernie up hill to large rocks/ Freeze Frame Mtn Climbers on Large Rocks / Mosey down until rep count flipped. Hold AG until 6 is in.

Round 2 (Had to modify to 5s for time) – Paver Squats at bottom / Bear Crawl Up (Lots of weeping and gnashing of teeth when this was announced) / Incline Merkins at top / Mosey down. Hold AG until 6 in.

Replace Pavers on pile and line up in parking lot for Snake Run (Indian Run weaving in and out) back to Domino’s Parking Lot.

Circle up for 5 MOM

Pointers/Bird Dogs – On hands and knees, raise opposite hand and leg straight out (like a hunting dog pointer) and hold 30 sec followed by reps of bringing elbow and knees together x 10 IC. Switch sides and do the same.

Pretzel Crunches R&L x 11 IC

100s x 20 IC



It’s Christmas Time!! Take time to consider Emmanuel (God WITH Us). Humbled himself and came to the earth He created to live among us and demonstrate ultimate love.

Due to F3 Brain, forgot to connect the leadership principle of “taking responsibility” in contrast to Adam . Adam made a mess and tried to run/hide from it (what BOYS do). Jesus came to clean up a mess he didn’t make (what MEN do)…but since I know everyone will read this back blast 😉 …there ya go!

Prayers for Pro’s Mom and 10yo son of a friend of mine (Isaac) diagnosed with leukemia a year ago. Has battled for the past year going through chemo and thought they had it licked. Testing from spinal tap check up last Monday revealed he has relapsed and appears worse than original. Will now need to begin even more aggressive treatment including bone marrow transplant and even then 5 yr prognosis is bleak…they are telling him today. :((


Indian Runs and crossing a street are not compatible. Bear Crawls to Christmas music apparently leaves one conflicted. Also, note to self…never ask Deep Dish for a 10 count or perform any exercises involving penalty burpees when he is present. Dude is a glutton for punishment!


Slow news day…

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