What The Hill

QIC: Fissure

Date: 12/05/2019

PAX: Doghouse, Oil Can, Sunshine, Blindside, Bullpen, Dirk, Moses, Sinai, Moneyball, Flemish, Hobo, Skitch, Ringwald, Candu, Pink Panther (Respect), More Kowbell

AO: Hill City


40ish and dry


Mosey to Coolidge stage instead of the Great Hall because they had a sweet Christmas tree to light our COP
SSH x 21 IC (first 5 called cadence and went silent for the rest)
We failed to end at the same time so 10 burpees OYO
Fwd fold x 10 IC
SSH x 21, another try at the silent count didn’t end well
10 burpees OYO
Imperial Walkers x 10 IC
SSH x 21, last shot at it didn’t end well but no burpees, onward to boob hill we went

The Thang

Remix of a workout we did Nov 2018:
We circled the light pull at the corner of Boob Hill closest to Mount Midoriyama

Round 1:  5 Burpees, 20 merkins OYO, 20 Squats (IC), lunge walk down the sidewalk at the base of the hill then (after the pax were all lined up facing the bulge) sprint to the summit and back down to starting light

Round 2:  6 Burpees, 22 merkins OYO, 22 Squats (IC), sub in Bearcrawl for lunge walking and sprint again and back to start

Round 3:  7 Burpees, 24 merkins OYO, 24 Squats (IC), sub in duck walk for bearcrawl and sprint up again and back to start

Round 4:  This time we faced the hill from the starting light and sprinted up and down to the opposite corner then 8 Burpees, 13 merkins OYO and sprint back up and over the hill

Round 5: 8 burpees, 13 merkins OYO, sprint back up and over hill to opposite corner

Round 6: 8 burpees, 13 squats IC, sprint back up and over hill to light

Round 7: 8 burpees, 13 squats IC, SSH x 21 with silent counting again, we SUCCESSFULLY STOPPED TOGETHER. Our reward was a last sprint up and over the hill to opposite corner.

Mosey back to the flag and done


Find time today to do one thing outside your comfort zone; something positive like encouraging someone who isn’t the easiest to encourage or that sales call you don’t want to make. Push yourself don’t hurt yourself doesn’t stop after the gloom!


Oil Can nearly bit it hard on the descent of boob hill but recovered athletically. He clearly works in professional sports

Hobo has one of the better “this is miserable” faces


Stay tuned for a North Georgia Saturday AO in the works for 2020. See Mayhem for details

No workout Christmas day

New Years Day convergence at Lions Den 0530

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