Introducing… the Champ!

QIC: Prosciutto

Date: 12/06/2019

PAX: Walla Walla, Angel Hair, 9-Volt (Respect), Vaccine, Swipe Right, Threeskin, Plunger, John Doe, Toe Tag, Escobar, Money Ball, Bernie, Cavity Search, Coldplay, Sidekick, MaYhem (Respect), Fissure, Fastlane

AO: Hacksaw


Burpee weather, apparently. Way too much testosterone pre-F3 with guys out-doing one another. [phrasing]


Mosey over past the Sherriff’s lot

SSH 10
IW 10
Hillbillies 10
High knees  10
Catcher stretch  aka Something Something Tea Party 10


Mosey a little further to the pavillion parking lot for some COP plank-o-rama. And just like Adam Sandler says in Big Daddy – do these and “don’t let ‘it’ hit the ground.” (that-IT being your knees)

Exercise Reps
Plank 10
Mtn climbers  10
Plank jacks 10
Plank 10
Peter Parker  10
Parker Peter 10
Plank 10
Mtn climbers 10

The Thang

These really suck…. So… worth it.
Mike Tyson’s Punch-out
Pax stand shoulder to shoulder facing the curb across from them (~15 yards; just outside of a South Carolina QB range):
Perform 1 Mike Tyson
*Bear Crawl to opposite curb
Perform 2 Mike Tyson
*Bear Crawl back to startex
Complete all the way to 7 Incrementing at each point
*Modification of Lunges as the movement was highly disobedient and disappointing ok….

Mosey to Pavillion picnic tables
Worst Merkins Ever™ Superset
PAX were shown the F3 Chattanooga Tradmark’d WMEs
Superset with Dips – no stopping; except that one time we won’t talk about
2 WMEs : 20 Dips
3 WMEs : 10 Dips
4 WMEs : 10 Dips (may have shorted two dips on Q cadence error; sorrynotsorry– no one was upset about it)
*And that was enough of that crap…As YHC really wanted to get to the highly acclaimed Holy Hill

Mosey to Holy Hill
Hill Work
5 Burpees at bottom of Holy Hill; Bernie Sanders up Holy Hill; 5 Incline Burpees at top; run down
5 Squats at bottom of HH; Bernie up HH; 5 Squats at top; run down
5 Burpees at bottom of HH; Bernie up HH; 5 Incline Burpeees at top; run down
10 Squats at bottom of HH; Bernie up HH; 10 Squats at top; run down

Mosey back to Sherriff’s lot for some Mary
Flutter Kicks
Mercurial Freddie Mercuries
Pretzel (L/R)


YHC has been very encouraged by the leadership shown from the Hacksaw contingent over the past couple months at Smackdown. It’s satisfying to see the workouts bleeding over to the principles of leadership. I cannot express my appreciation enough of their support of the newer AOs and their willingness to be part of their growth and strategy.

F3 is an oddly shaped organization where we are apart of an organization “OF” Leaders; as opposed to “WITH” Leaders (oh, and it’s FREE). Unfortunately – those organizations with “Leaders” aren’t always the best kind of Leaders.

Good leadership oftentimes begets good leaders. I shared something I read recently:

The leader is always striving to grow, to improve, and is deeply concerned that those around him do the same. He or she has no nobler responsibility than seeing to the personal and professional improvement of others.

F3 Q-Source Blog


Never seen this one before – during Al Gore’s 9-Volt literally went over and hugged a shrub. I’m not sure who was holding who up – they both looked kinda pitiful.

According to Angel Hair – I might still be able to join the Marines. #lifeGoalz

YHC thought that choosing Escobar as the pace car today (given his knowledge and wherewithal of the scene) was slightly risky given his pre-F3 5k extra credit jaunt with John Doe and Toe Tag… YHC AAR assessment is that he did just fine

Maybe 99 burpees and LBCs pre-F3 isn’t the greatest life choice, but Plunger, Fissure and Sidekick showed no sign of weakness or backing down.

Motion to change “Mike Tyson’s” to Ear Biters going forward?

Term Life Insurance > Universal -or- Whole Life Insurance – ask Bernie or MaYhem how they know. #daveRamsey


F3 Convergence for Holidays – tune into Slack and/or Preblasts for more info
2nd Annual Tuff Muff CSAUP – Details forthcoming

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