Holiday Banquet at Mayhem Manor

QIC: Mayhem

Date: 12/09/2019

PAX: Fastlane, Lanyard, Chavez, Toe Tag, Early Bird, Swingset, Plunger, Red Tees, Vaccine, Best In Show, Swisher, Swipe Right, Jazzy Jag, Peanuts, Sidekick

AO: Beast Ridge


50s and a little damp but no precip. Really pretty great F3 weather.


SSH x 20 IC; WMH x 10 IC; IW x 10 IC; Carousel R x 10 IC; Hillbillies x 10 IC; Carousel L x10 IC; WGS L & R x 10 IC; Don Quixote x 10 IC; 21 (Epic Fail…think some of the newbies had no idea what we were trying to accomplish…5 penalty burpees.

Mosey around back side to Concession Pavilion…aka Mayhem Manor for this morning…

The Thang

In Spirit of Holiday Parties…3 Course Beatdown

1st Course – The Appetizer
> 10 Big Boy Sit Ups; 20 Dips on Picnic Tables; 25 Merkins, 30 Jump Squats

Indian Run 2/3 of the way around by Soccer Stadium, Hallelujah Mosey rest of the way back to Mayhem Manor.

2nd Course – The Main Dish
> Battle Buddy Dora
PAX 1 Moseys all the way around by Soccer Stadium
PAX 2 Performs choice of Squats/Merkins/4ct Flutter Kicks
Swap out until 300 Total Reps (Combination of any exercise) is reached by each 2-man PAX

3rd Course – Dessert
> Wall Sits with Coupons (2 – 25lb barbells and 1 10lb Medicine Ball)
* Round 1 – All PAX assume the position adjacent along wall of concession stand. Beginning on one end each PAX does 3 overhead press with 25lb barbell and passes to next PAX, Ball Slam with Medicine ball and pass to next PAX, 3 overhead press with last 25lb barbell, hold wall sit until all coupons reach the end of the line.
* Round 2 – All PAX assume the position adjacent along wall of concession stand. Beginning on one end each PAX holds medicine ball out in front for a 5 count, passes to next PAX, drops and does one Merkin (should have done 5-10 in retrospect) and holds wall sit until all coupons reach the end of the line…AND back!

Mosey back to parking lot by flag and circle for 3 MOM

All 4s: Hold Pointer Position for 30 sec followed by Bird Dogs x 10 IC; Switch sides, repeat, time.


Counterama, Namerama – 16 strong/No FNGs

Words of Wisdom – Persevere, Keep the Faith and Finish Strong. Considering the Q Line-up for BR this month being filled with lots of “Respect” made me think of the story of Caleb from the OT. One of only two of the 12 Spies who entered the promised land who believed in God’s promise to give them the land. Others were afraid because of the Giants in the land. As result God caused them to wander in the desert 40 years until all the unfaithful had passed. When came time to finally enter the land, Caleb asked for the toughest assignment – the high ground of Hebron. Didn’t say to send the young guys. Caleb “was still as strong for going out and waging war” at 85 when he was at 40 when he originally spied out the land. Reiterate the admonition to persevere, keep the faith and finish strong!

Announcearama: Continued prayers for Pro’s mom, my friend Mark’s son Isaac battling Leukemia and my daughter taking FINAL exam for her PTA degree. Announced OTB North GA beatdown on Saturday, Jan 4th at Brainerd NGa location off Cloud Springs Rd . Also, new 3rdF channel and pending ruck event to minister to homeless.
BALL OF MAN: Prayers for all of the above.


@Toetag has an impressive sense of fashion!


See Announcerama above

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