Well, HELLo there HILL

QIC:  Fissure

Date: 12/17/2019

PAX: Topless, El Chapo, Mrs Baker, Deep Dish, ThreeSkin, Clothespin, 9Volt, Mayhem

AO: The Battery


Low 60s and drizzling


Circled up around the flag on the soggy grass
SSH x 10 IC
Imperial Walkers x 10 IC
SSH x 10 IC
Fwd fold x 10 IC
SSH x 10 IC
WMH x 10 IC
SSH x 13 IC
move to dry ground
SSH x 12 IC
5 burpees
SSH x 20 IC
5 burpees
Little baby arm circles x 10 IC
Reverse x 10 IC
Overhead press x 10 IC
Cherry pickers x 10 IC
Moroccan night clubs x 10 IC
SSH x 15 IC
5 burpees
Mosey to Hell Hill

The Thang

Started with burpees x 6 at the bottom of Hell Hill and Bobby Hurley’s (squat jump shots) x 1 at the top
Pax finishing first were instructed to do their own thing while waiting for the six so Threeskin led us with lunge walks up Hell Hill.
When all pax were finished we did 5 jailbreaks up Hell Hill with slow mosey down in between
Mosey to pavillion
5 decline merkins, 10 incline merkins
6 decline merkins, 15 incline merkins
7 decline merkins, 20 incline merkins
8 decline merkins, 25 incline merkins
9 decline merkins, 30 incline merkins



Another simple message of gratitude for the pax. Without each of you showing up there would be no F3!


Why does it always rain at the battery?


No Christmas workout

New Years Day @ Lions Den

Gloomies 1/13/20 check slack announcements

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