Who’s the HC For?

QIC:  Skitch

Date: 1/2/2020

PAX: CareBear, Goose, Hobo, Red Tees, Sunshine, Uncle Fester

AO: Hill City


Before the rain came.


SSH x 40 IC, Forward Fold x 10 IC. Mosey to Bridge Rocks. Hold plank until 6. SSH x 30 IC. Imperial Walkers x 20 IC. Mosey to Dip Circle (Circle C). Hold low dip until 6. Dips x 30 OYO. Mosey to Bunker (Bunker H). Hold low plank until 6. 5 Burpees OYO. Mosey to Bridge Rocks. Big Boy Situps x 10 OYO.

The Thang

Who’s the HC For?
Two teams. Team 1’s base is Circle C. Team 2’s base is Bunker H. Select 1 or 2 rocks and go to your base. Deposit rock(s) in your base. To exit your base, you must do 5 burpees or 10 Big Boy Situps per rock you deposited.

Repeat until team has 25 rocks in their base. Return to Bridge Rocks and do Big Boy Situps until all return. Now teams swap bases and return all rocks to Bridge Rocks taking as many rocks per trip as they like and no “payment” to exit their new base. Then help the other team finish taking their rocks back. Time and over time.


Who’s the HC For?
Yesterday WuzntMe talked about the difference between resolutions and commitments. What are your commitments (HCs) for the year? For today?

Who’s the HC for? You? Others? Both. That’s the multiplying magic of the HC. If you give your HC, you give courage and hope to others. They trust you and come out. You have given away your HC, but you benefit because you come out. What is the HC? Your word. A call to action. A challenge. An encouragement. A habit. A way of life.

To whom have you given your HC? Your wife? Kids? Boss? Clients? God? Yourself?

Proverbs 20:6-7 “Many a man proclaims his own steadfast love, but a faithful man who can find? The righteous who walks in his integrity — blessed are his children after him!”

I believe and rest in someone who gave His HC and kept it. Because He did, I can give my HC without fear and if I fail to deliver on my HC, I have grace.

Counterama and Namarama.

BALL OF MAN: Walking back to start together while communicating the Word since we were over time.


There may have been some rock thievery during the Thang. Team 1’s rock supply kept “losing rocks” and Team 2 magically “won”. Then Team 1 easily “won” on the return trip once bases were swapped…hmm. Carrying rocks takes time and is so fun that you lose track of time. This would have been less fun if it had rained, but the rain held off.


It’s a new year.

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