Eight is Not Enough….Go for Sixteen!

QIC:  The Count (Respect Respect)

Date: 01/11/2020

PAX: BackPew, BumbleBee, Dolly, MoneyBall, PinkPanther(Respect),  FlyBy(Respect), FriarTuck, , Pebbles, UncleFester, LadyScott, Skitch, Fissure

AO: Landfill


Temperature about 62 degrees, breezy, ground was wet but the sky was dry.


SSH, Forward Fold, Willie Mays Hayes, SSH

The Thang

When 8 Is Not Enough……16 Is Perfect!
8 Stations w/coupons are at top of hill: Curls, Reverse Lunge, Tricep Extension, Low Slow Squat, Overhead Press, Lunges, Bent-over Row, Squats (Notice exercises alternate between up body and legs).

8 Stations (Cardio) at bottom of hill: Burpees, Smurf Jacks, Imperial Walker, SSH, Mountain Climbers, Butt Kickers, Plank Jacks, Squat Thrust.

PAX pair up at top of hill. 1 PAX does weighted exercise designated at his station (AMRAP) while partner runs down hill and performs cardio exercise at station that corresponds to exercise at top of hill and performs 10 reps with exception of Burpees and Squat Thrusts (5 Reps at these stations) then runs back up the hill where partners flip flop. When 6 is in (all completed both stations and both packs are back up the hill). All PAX rotate to next station. This continues until everyone has progressed through all stations. That completes one round. Between rounds 1 and 2 all PAX run down hill to lower pavilion to perform Mary-LBC, Flutter Kicks, American Hammer. All PAX run up hill, rinse and repeat for Round 2. After Round 2 all PAX go to upper pavilion and Mary – Rosalita, Freddy Mercuries, Oblique Crunches. For last round all both partners go to their original starting point at top of hill and while 1 PAX conducts 10 reps of weighted exercise 2nd PAX hold a plank. Partners flip flop and all PAX hold Al Gore while 6 is complete. All PAX rotate to next station and rinse and repeat. S[peed Round, so no recovery time except those waiting for 6. All PAX hold 90 second Plank to complete beat down!


Counterama, Namerama, Announcearama conducted with Gloomies being mentioned for Monday evening,.
BALL OF MAN: We prayed for Bob, Katie, and those prayer needs we know and for those we don’t know.


Not a lot of mumble chatter as PAX seemed to really get a lot of the beatdown….. 🙂


[Gloomies on Monday!

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