Four Corners with an Apocalyptic Opening – RidgeCut 1/9/20

QIC: John Doe

Date: 1/9/20

PAX: Swipe Right, Mayhem (R), Woodchuck, Evita, Jazzy Jag, Swing Set, Spangled, Cold Play, Lutefisk, FNG – BM&E



Little chill in the air but overall quite cozy


Short Mosey around the soccer field; SSH – 20 (IC), Forward Fold – 10 (IC), Third Grade Exercises – 10 (IC), Willie Mays Hays – 10 (IC)

Burpee Apocalypse – 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

The Thang

Teamed up : 5 on one team and 6 on the other (doubled up at one station)

One team member at each corner of the field:

Team Member One – Air Squats (AmRep)

Team Member Two – Flutter Kicks (AmRep)

Team Member Three – Bonnie Blairs (AmRep)

Team Member Four – 100s (Am Rep)

Team Member Five – In Motion

Team Member Five Bear crawls short end of the field from Team Member One (Air Squats) to Team Member Two (Flutter Kicks); Tags Team Member Two and begins flutter kicks

Team Member Two sprints long leg of the field to Team Member Three (Bonnie Blairs); Tags Team Member Three and begins Bonnie Blairs

Team Member Three bear crawls short end of field to Team Member Four (100s); Tags Team Member Four and begins 100s

Team Member Four sprints long leg of the field to Team Member One (Air Squats); Tags Team Member One and begins Air Squats

Team Member One bear crawls short end of the field to Team Member Five (Flutter Kicks); Tags Team Member Five and begins Flutter Kicks

Rinse and repeat the circuit until time, continuing to do Amrep for that exercise until tagged


Read a recent post by Tim Tebow where he mentioned success is great, but that he wants us (people) to be significant. And when we begin to transcend what we do and use it to impact others, then we start to lead a life of significance. Success is often times about YOU, where significance is about your impact on OTHERS.

Challenged the PAX to be significant and impact someone today – whether it be through a look, a word, or a touch. Sometimes even the smallest gestures can be the most impactful.


Jazzy Jag likes to bear crawl over faces; Two of the PAX have an appreciation for strong physiques in tights


1/13 – Gloomies at Keller Williams Downtown

ThirdF – Every Tuesday: Meet at Chubby’s between 5-5:30pm to help give to the homeless. Sign Ups on the ThirdF Channel of Slack

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