So Fresh and So Clean

QIC:  GeekSquad

Date: January 9, 2020

PAX: Backseat, Bandcamp, Ducktales, Fissure, Milkman, Threeskin, U-Turn, FNG-Gruber, 

AO: The Huey 


35 degrees. A little chilly, but not too bad.


S – SSH (25)

T – on your 6 – Toe touch (12 each leg)

A – A-kickers IC (12 count)

R – Russian twist /American Hammers (12)

T – Tony Hawk Burpee (10) instead of clap, do 360

S – SSH (20) *still A little dizzy from Tony Hawk Burpees

The Thang

1.5 mile total

1 lap then 25 merkins; 50 squats then 75 LBCs  x 4 sets


LBCs x 10

Side Crunches x 8 (each side)

Freddie Mercurys x 10 

Pretzels x 8 (each side)

Examiners x 10

Leg lifts x 10 (each side)

Planks x 1 minute


Get off to a fresh start in 2020! The other day blindside, challenged us from the pulpit to “do 1 more!”  He got it from reading A workout book by Arnold Schwartzeneger. I challenged the PAX with pushing themselves to do one more rep, push through the tough times and go the extra mile. Go the extra mile in relationships with friends, family, spouse/significant other and in general. You are all leaders, so lead!



I gotta just do it so I can keep doing it, cause I don’t want to stop doing it.  

it will be cool, like straight up Keanu Reeves s#!+

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