Excellence as Habit

QIC:  Mr. Clean

Date: 01/15/2020

PAX: Cosplay, Ducktales, Echo, Hardtail, Hasbro, Milkman, Postman, Skitch, Spackler, Threeskin

AO: The Creek (Official Name Forthcoming — Sale Creek Middle/High School)


As Ducktales (and I don’t think he knows I caught this) said, “I’m taking my shirt off in the middle of January, what the hell man.” Details unclear? 63 degrees, stupid wet and humid.


SSH x10 IC

Finkle Swing x10 OYO

3rd Grade Exercises x10 IC

SSH x10 IC

Modified Shoulder Blast (BAC, Reverse BAC, MNC, and Shoulder Press) x10 IC

Imperial Walkers x15 IC

The Thang

Starting something new. Keep it simple.

100 Merkins

200 LBCs

300 Squats

Tammy Wynette
Pax 1 — 10 BBSU or LBC/Pax 2 — 10 Squats

Flapjack every 10 reps. Rinse and Repeat. Complete 100 reps of EACH.

Indian Run
School Loop. Time.


This week at Sale Creek High School; we are celebrating basketball Homecoming. With this week, we do a “theme day” each day to celebrate in which the students “dress up” based on the theme. Yesterday was “Frat vs. Nerd”, so I dug up an old Pi Kappa Phi “Rush 2007” shirt.

All that said, the shirt had a oft but underrated quote. “We are what we repeatedly do, Excellence then is not an act, but a habit”. Therefore, as we leave today, make seeking excellence a habit. Work to be an excellent husband, father, brother, and/or friend. It must be habitual.
Echo closed us in prayer.


Echo splashed merlot. And then a second time. Irony. That is all…


This was Day One and Post One of, hopefully, many at “The Creek”. Please help support it in these 8 weeks of “Launch Period. Think of its importance. Birchwood, Dayton, Graysville, Sale Creek, Bakewell, and North Soddy are ALL convenient to this location.

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