Daily Deal in the City of Hills

QIC:  Skitch

Date: 1/16/2020

PAX: Dirk, Goose, Hansen, Hobo, Kowbell, Oil Can, Sinai, Sunshine, Wort 

AO: Hill City


It didn’t rain. It was a fine day for January.


Something like: SSH x 20 IC. Forward Fold x 10 IC. Imperial Walkers x 10 IC. SSH x 15 IC. You know, the normal. Mosey to Bridge Rocks.

The Thang

Skitch used one of his Christmas gifts
Learning the Dexicon
PAX took turns dealing from the F3 Workout Deck:

17 Monkey Humpers; 18 backwards lunges; 20 Incline Merkins; 14 Heels to Heaven; 25 Squats; 15 Oblique crunches, each side; 100 Baby Arm Circles – 50 4-counts each direction; 19 Low, Slow Squats; 25 Plank Jacks; 25 Burpees; 17 Derkins; 25 Mountain Climbers; 100 SSHs (50 4-counts); Four sprints (half way from Bridge Rocks to end of lights, then the remainder, then half way back, then all the way back); 100 M (est) Lunge Walk; 14 Carolina Dry Docks; 60 sec low plank; 2 to 12 (varied by PAX) hand clap merkins; 17 LBCs; mosey to start. Time.


We have very little control over the events in life and each day. Yet we have a lot of control over how we respond to them. Do we work with diligence, are we faithful to the task at hand? How do we respond to unexpected words or actions from our boss or our kids?



There is an F3 deck of cards. There is a dexicon that explains the deck. We knew most of the ones we pulled. Heels to Heaven hurts the spine on concrete. 50 SSH’s is a lot. The HIM present responded well to what they were dealt.


Candu has a new puppy. There will be a convergence and a CSAUP in the future.

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