Nolan Richardson was Honest

QIC:  WuzntMe 

Date: 1/22/20

PAX: Toe tag, Peanuts, swiperight, vaccine, bernie, fastlane, MaYhem, clothespin,  snow patrol, coldplay, speed trap

AO: Hacksaw




Mosey to Sherriff’s Lot

SSH x20
5 burpees OYO
SSH x 20
Imperial Walkers x15
SSH x20
Forward Fold x10
Mountain Climbers x15
SSH x20
5 burpees OYO

The Thang

Grab a block and a partner for the Nolan Richardson

50 Manmakers

100 Abyss Merkins on block

150 block shoulder presses

200 lunges

250 Flutter Kicks

300 LBCs

350 Shoulder taps

Partner A runs lap around flags while partner B does exercises. Switch.


The other day, my M told me I looked like crap. She said I looked like I needed rest, and insisted I fartsack on Tuesday morning. She was right. I’ve had a hellacious project wrap up, and my exhaustion showed.

In that moment, my M was not nice, but she was honest. My brother once told me that being nice isn’t a virtue, but that being honest is. I challenge the Pax to surround themselves with people who can be honest with them, and to be honest with others when possible. As men, we tend to think that we should just keep working at something, when in actuality, we can be at risk of exhaustion. I needed to hear what my M had to share. Maybe someone needs to hear you.


Very little mumble chatter. When time was called, I did hear something along the lines of “oh thank God for small victories.” I’ll take it.

Chamber music promised, chamber music delivered during Countarama.


Sale creek convergence 2/8. Looking to get a 2.0 campout scheduled for end of March.

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