Q Turned Out to Be a Jerk in the End


Date: 02/05/2020

PAX: Chief, Blind Side, Burrito, Fissure, Pebbles, Pay Load, Roomba, The Count, Friar Tuck Moneyball, Sidekick, 1 FNG (Footloose)

AO: Lion’s Den


It was wet and rainy, like all of 2020


Moseyed to the side of the school and knocked out the usual SSH, stretching and warm up.

The Thang

I’ve been inspired by the recent musical workouts and tried to be original in the soundtrack and how it was used (sometimes unsuccessfully though). We began by doing burpees to U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer. Each homeboy did a burpee every time U Can’t Touch This was sang. We did arm circles and kept moving in between the verses. We then did a Dora where one Pax bear crawled down and Bernie’d back about 20 yards while the other partner partook in dips, curls, overhead press and squats.

I then tried to use How You Like Me Now in place of Roxanne for the mosey/Bernie trot, but it failed because most of us ran too fast to hear the music. We then did a burpee breakdown to Tom Petty’s, I Won’t Back Down and then moseyed back to the flag for some Mary.


I took a minute to talk about being content and thankful in whatever our circumstances as Paul wrote about and how blessed I felt to be a part of this group of men and the accountability that is so important to me.


I was very humbled at how many guys showed up in such crumby conditions. I laughed when during our mosey/Bernie run Blind Side got stuck in a puddle and just had to keep going forward and backward in it for what seemed like a minute. Pebbles was raised by some sort of animals based on his bear crawling prowess and I unintentionally was “that guy” when I took us from the dry I worked hard to keep us in so we weren’t we and miserable during the gloom to the parking lot for Mary where we just got soaked…That’s on me. Welcome Footloose!


3rd F every Tuesday, check Slack and the Tough Mough is coming up in a couple of weeks.

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