Doin’ The Den

QIC: Goose

Date: 02/07/2020

PAX: The Count, Friar Tuck, Geek Squad, Footloose, Rumba, Oil Can, Pay Load, Moneyball, Burrito, Prosciutto, Blindside, Mr Clean

AO: Lions Den


Cold and Wet


SSH x25

Willie Mays Hays x15

Forward Fold OYO

Cherry Pickers x20

SSh X25

The Thang

Laps of Steel
Run a lap while going up every staircase on both bleachers.

Adora: 500 total count, either merkins or squats, while partner runs a lap.

Box jumps up steps, 15 incline merkins at every 3rd jump, 4 rounds

Jailbreaks across field x4

Announcements: Convergence tomorrow at The Dame 0700-0800

[The “Moleskin” aka the “NAKED-MAN MOLESKIN” is the portion of the Backblast in which the Q describes interesting things about the Workout that are at least partially true.]

[Fill in News, Upcoming Q’s, Events, etc.]