Watch that Dark Spot!

QIC:  Ducktales

Date: 01/29/2020

PAX: Geek Squad, Hardtail, Hasbron, Milkman, Mr. Clean, Spackler

AO: Liberty Creek


Good weather. No stars, so overcast. Several dark spots…



Downward Facing things, folding things, TWSS jokes, and of course Warrior Poses

The Thang

Mr. Clean here to help Duck with Backblasts; because, well, that IS what F3 is about. Support. Having the 6. He asked for feedback on the workout: a year ago — “dude, you got to get some organization to this thing”…fast forward to now: “you don’t even need my feedback brother, your energy and zeal for life and exploration drive your Q’s, you’ve successfully embraced your “disorganization” to create workouts that: are great beatdowns, heightens our awareness, and help us forget about the “suck”.
Sale Creek Exploration
Dip rotation on the Raider course.

Mosey to Courtyard. Complete Inclines, Declines, Dips, and various plank exercises on the giant boulders.

Mosey to back lot (dark spot) continue moseying (another dark spot) and a trip around the lot. During the circuit, we completed Squats, Burpees, and various Merkin exercises.


First and foremost, F3 Chattanooga is SO stinkin’ (ats right Pro, I said stinkin’) fortunate to have a leader like Ducktales. Two Growrucks, at least 2 (additional) GoRuck Tough events, and a FULL Tuff Muff (and he hates moseying), and most importantly, for me, he inspired me to look into that “real” mirror of life, you know, that one reflecting the soul. He (along with Geek) made YHC a much better person without knowing it (whoops, cat’s out the bag). Remember, EVERYONE fights a battle in which we know nothing about.

Secondly, in the COT, we talked about using words wisely. Inspired by the Proverbs in which Prosciutto shared along with U-Turn’s lesson about impulse control, we talked about the importance of HOW we use them rather than WHAT we use. YHC also spoke about Wuzn’t Me’s quote (which I thought was great) of the Nice vs. Honesty virtue. Maybe, those are mutually exclusive, and honesty is DEFINITELY a virtue, but can we also make kindness a virtue as well. Honesty is directly related to Integrity, integrity is directly related to a positive reputation, and kindness is also directly related to integrity/reputation. Be Honest. Be Kind. Be Loving. Be Supportive. Be Passionate. Be Deliberate.


–Liberty Creek has some dark spots.


***02/08/2020 NO LONGER A CONVERGENCE– More details forthcoming***

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