Hurpees (and other fun) at Hacksaw

QIC:  Jazzy Jag

Date: 01/29/2020

PAX: Fastlane, Bernie, WuzntMe, SwipeRight, Escobar, Vaccine, Coldplay, John Doe, Toe Tag, Walla Walla, Maytag, Mayhem (R), Peanuts

AO: Hacksaw


Warmer than recent weather. 38 degrees and clear


Mosey long way around field to flag

SSH x 20 IC

Squat x 10 IC

LBAC x 15 IC

Reverse x 15 IC

Smurf jacks x 10 IC

Nolan Ryan’s x 10 IC

Monkey humpers x 10 IC

Merkins x 10 IC

SSH x 20 IC

The Thang

Speed Dating – Hacksaw style

PAX partnered up, one coupon per pair around flag pole

Round of exercises:

5 Hurpees (Burpees with partner jump)

10 manmakers – 5 with coupon, 5 without coupon, transferring to partner halfway

20 overhead press – 10 with/without coupon

30 curls – 15 with/without coupon

40 squats – 20 with/without coupon

When complete, run lap of flags. Upon return, inner partner stays with coupon, outer partner rotates one station.

Repeat. PAX completed a little over 5 rounds


Q reminded everyone that F3 is not a workout group. It is a leadership training group that uses workouts to bring people together. One main way F3 trains leaders is by Qing. Everyone should Q at least once. It is a good opportunity to develop skills that can transfer to other areas.


PAX enjoyed the longer route of mosey to flag circle- several mud puddles were discovered.

Hurpees are spreading in F3 Chattanooga!


Sale Creek Convergence on hold – check Slack for more info

Saturday morning Convergence North GA, check Slack for more info

Vaccine VQ Friday Hacksaw!

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