You don’ t have to bearcrawl…Roxxxxxxxanne

QIC:  Free Candy

Date: 01/23/2020

PAX: FNG-Chum, Sunshine, Oil Can, Pebbles, Sunburn, Misfire, Skitch, Sherlock, Red Tees, Hobo, Wort.

AO: Hill City


A tad chilly, but it didn’t take long to warm up.


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • The mime routine:
    • Overhead press x12 IC
    • Forward press x12 IC
    • Side-press x12 IC
    • Squat position, rear-press x12 IC
    • Squat position, downward press between the legs x12 IC
  • Run in place, I call DOWN for a merkin. x10 IC
  • Tri Thrusters (I made this up). Squat position, thumbs up, arms straight back, flex triceps while bouncing your arms towards the sky. 15 count IC
  • SSH x 20 IC

The Thang

Mosey to the far corner of the sidewalks down past the boat ramp.
1st round
40 Merkins
Bear crawl to next light pole
40 LBCs
Lunge to next light pole
40 pickle pounders
Bear crawl to next light pole
40 squats
Lunge to next light pole
Mosey back to starting line.

4 rounds total of this, decrementing reps by 10 until you get down to round 4 at 10 of each exercise.
This totals to 100 reps of 4 exercises.
Anyone who finished all 4 rounds continued sets of 10.

Grabbed the bluetooth speaker, played Roxanne. Begin to mosey and when you hear Roxanne you Bernie. When you hear it again you mosey forward again. Repeat every time you hear Roxanne.

Only had time for two sets of exercises, American Hammers and Flutter Kicks.


The main Thang today was an excellent parallel to addiction recovery as well as the idea of envy. As many may know, I’m in recovery from addiction. It’s nothing new at this point. It’s been a bit over two years now.

But the beginning of the exercise when we all started out at the same spot, we had something in common. We were all there for the same reason: to get better. As you finished that first set of the four we did, you would have clearly noticed that some people may have been behind you and some in front. Maybe some were next to you for most of it which provided great companionship and mumble chatter.

This is the story for all of us when beginning something new. For me it was starting recovery. You’re looking at others. How they listen to instruction, how their progress compares to yours, and you can’t help but glance up a few times. Maybe some people even kept you motivated. Maybe others demotivated you.

Then comes that second round. A little bit harder to tell how you compare with others unless you are obsessively looking at some people more than others. Do we do that in our lives outside of F3?

Finally, by the 4th round you have hopefully stopped a lot of the comparison to those around you and focused on your own personal goals for the workout. Everyone was heading towards one big goal, but we all worked it in our own way. No one else can do those Merkins for you. No one. You had to finish it out, and if you’re like me, I enjoyed not doing it alone. This would have sucked alone. Recovery would have been impossible that way.

So today let’s go back home or to work and stop the comparisons that make us feel inadequate. Work on your own goals in your own way. Find that independent joy again. And know that you will need to invite some people into that for encouragement and community along the way.


Roxanne was everyone’s favorite song, though Skitch said his was actually a song by Britney Spears and was sad that we didn’t mosey to ‘Toxic’.


CSAUP convergence soon, Lion’s Den is officially an AO on Fridays moving forward

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