I Can’t Remember

QIC:  Escobar

Date: 02/07/2020

PAX: El Chapo, Snow Patrol, Cold Play, Swipe Right, Vaccine, Fast Lane, Runner-Up, Mrs. Baker, Deep Dish, DNF, Banjo, WuzntMe, Threeskin, Toe Tag, Speedtrap

AO: Hacksaw


37 degrees and spittin snow. It was 60 degrees 24 hours earlier.


Took a mosey lap around parking lot of Tractor Supply and circled up in the middle.

SSH x 30, LBAC x 15, Teapots x 12, WMH x 12, Forward Fold x 15

1 minute AMRAP burpees

The Thang

Moseyed from Tractor Supply parking lot to Imagination Station playground.

Divided into groups at 4 stations.

Station 1: Pullups x 10

Station 2: Swerkins x 10

Station 3: Dips x 10

Station 4: Alternating Leg Bench Slow Step Down (10 each leg)

Completed 1 round before calling an audible (I remembered I wanted to do a round of core work before station work)

Core Work: Gas Pumps, Pickle Pointers, American Hammer, Toe Tag Special (side crunches). Performed each exercise for 45 seconds = 1 round.

Complaint from PAX member stated only his belly was still dry, so we performed a 20 count IC of Aquamans. Now having satisfied the PAX member’s request, we completed another round of the core work.

Back to the 4 stations. Encouraged PAX to perform 15-20 reps at each station. Completed another 2 rounds before calling time.

Moseyed to the Domino’s parking lot for more core work.

Core Work Part Deux: Heel Touches, Crunchy Frogs, 100s (45 seconds each = 1 round). Performed 2 rounds.

Took a 1 minute break in between rounds. Asked the PAX if anyone had a good joke or story to tell (we could have used Burrito in this moment, but he will never know that I had this thought since he doesn’t know how to find the backblast page). No one had anything to say, so Threeskin used the time to promote convergence at the Dame (Hot Dam, Giva Dam, Dam Bait, whatever you want to call the location).

One last mosey around the Domino’s parking lot left us with 1 minute to spare, so yes, another 1 minute AMRAP of buprees.


Roll With the Punches: My week started off with my wife contracting the flu (type A which is the worse) on Monday, so I used a PTO day on Tuesday and Wednesday to take care of our 2 year old daughter (24 hour coverage of a 2 year old is a lot of work, especially while taking care of a house and a sick wife who was mostly stuck laying in bed). And I forgot to mention, on our way home Monday evening, a deer ran into the road and decided to jump on the front of my car knocking out the entire headlamp assembly on the driver’s side. Wednesday came along, and now my daughter has the flu.

Never the week you ask for, but as it turns out, there was plenty of good that I was thankful for at the end. I was able to be the sole caretaker of my daughter for a 48 hour period. This is time that I would have normally been at work, while wishing I could be with my family. Also, since my wife had the flu, my daughter’s pediatrician gave her Tamiflu preventive treatment without a $130 office visit. Turns out, I had to order new headlamps for my car, which totaled $123 (my headlamps were old and foggy and needed replacing anyways).

So yes it was a rough week, but we made it through and are all healthy now. The money that would normally have been used to pay a doctor was used in return to purchase new lights that were needed already, and the best part, I was able to spend a lot of time with my family.

To summarize: take lemons and turn into lemonade.


I will blame it on the lack of sleep, but I could not remember the exercises on the second rounds of the core work. I had to ask the PAX several times what was the next exercise. It was sad. Threeskin said I needed to take medication (he knew exactly which one too. The man is a genius)


The Dame Covergence as previously promoted during the workout.

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