And the Honor goes to…


Date: 02/10/2020

PAX: Fastlane, Peanuts, Coldplay, Chavez, Pebbles, Swingset



Dark and gloomy, Low to Mid 40s, Damp with a light drizzle when we started and finishing with a cold steady rain. Pretty much F3 heaven.


Forward Fold, Plank, Carolina Dry Docks, Up Dog, Wide Air Chair, Slow Kerkins, Seal Claps, High Knees (No SSH harmed in the making of this warm-up)

The Thang

Mosey to parking lot in front of soccer fields along the road.
All Pax line up shoulder to shoulder with plank on parking lot curb facing soccer fields. All transition to hold left hand high plank to start. Pax to furthest right begins by returning to high plank position and doing 5 Merkins and hold plank while next Pax performs the same on down the line until all holding high plank. All Pax then transition to hold right hand high plank and repeat process going back the other way.

Mosey a little further to encounter cones in parking lot approx 50yds apart.

Burpees on both ends (132/pax total when all said and done)
Overachievers to go back and pick up 6 by helping complete final counts of burpees for fellow pax.

With time left, mosey back to flag for Q to retrieve phone and then mosey to ball field bathroom breezeway to get out of rain.

Cupid Shuffle
In honor of pending valentines day, to tune of ‘Cupid Shuffle’… begin holding high plank. When song calls “down” perform merkins, when song calls “to the left” shuffle to the left in plank position, “to the right” – to the right, “kick” alternating legs, “walk it by yourself” mtn climbers. Continue to conclusion of song.

Mosey back to flag – time.


Countorama, Nameorama,
In a word “Honor”. It’s been said to give honor to whom honor is due. Those who lead and serve well are worthy of “double honor” ~1Tim5:17

Honor to Sidekick for leading Beast Ridge faithfully and setting such a great example for all of us. Giant shoes to fill! Pray for me!!!


Burpees on both ends of the 11s did not lend itself to much mumble chatter…but did get us a whole .001 closer to our 1M Burpee Challenge goal. Your welcome Skitch 😉 Cupid Shuffle did not elicit much affection for Q.


Tuff Muff later this month on 2/22, NGa OTB back in action this week – 5:45 at GSP. A few changes in leadership.

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