Burrito’s Workout Playlist

QIC: Mr. Clean

Date: 02/14/2020

PAX: Blindside, Burrito, Chief, Fissure, Footloose, Friar Tuck, Hasbro, Jaywalk, Milkman, Moneyball, Oil Can, Radiohead, Roomba, She Shed, Sidekick, FNG – Booby Trap

AO: Lion’s Den


Dry. 31 degrees. Feels like 25 degrees. Breezy.


SSH — 15 IC

Finkle Swings — 10 Each Leg

Willie Mays Hays — 10 Each Direction OYO

SSH — 15 IC

Grady Corn — 50ish OYO

The Thang

Prosciutto has a great recommendation for routines like this: get a number in your head, get to that number, and rest (only for a sec.), and I recommend the same in this situation with the goal that each Pax completes ~50-60 reps. Please also remember you choose how hard you push yourself, BUT there is another Pax repping it out at Startex.

I had to share with the Pax who, how, and where this ALARMS workout came from. Thanks Pro.

Additional items YHC recognized post workout: the Pax truly helped each other. Somehow, in spite of me, explaining ALARMS all at once with Burrito “helping” me, the Pax stayed on the right exercises and pushed themselves. Great Job men!


Arms (Dips)

Legs (Cotton Eyed Joes)

Abs (Leg Raises)

Rhomboids (Rows [Bent Over/Upright Superset])

Medials (Sumo Squats)

Sternocostal (Incline Merkins) 

At the two opposite corners of the track (generally done in whole lap increments), Pax did 10 reps of the following exercises and decremented from there.

( Burpees, Dolly’s, Merkins) — Due to time constraints, a couple of Paxers maxed at 6. The rest of us maxed at.


YHC had to read the COT prepared simply due to the emotional nature on it. It goes as follows:

I missed some time, not a lot, but plenty enough.  I took time away to adjust some things and improve my character.  I left to fix some things and even blamed F3 (or men in it).
Here is the fact of the matter: I got butthurt. I hit a tailspin. I was headed into a darkness. So, what fixed it and why am I here leading today?
People often say “God will never give you something you cannot handle”, BUT I completely disagree.  Yes, you heard that right. I disagree.
BECAUSE, the devil will give you plenty of things you cannot handle, BUT you will never get something that GOD can’t handle.  Let Go. Want to lead? Learn to relinquish control. Learn to fail and learn. Learn to learn. Learn to love. Learn to love yourself, your family, your friends, your enemies (it’s called forgiveness), BUT most of all GOD. 

P.S. — Let this be my first effort to make amends with the men of F3 who placed but lost trust in me or know me as only a Slack icon.


–Burrito has officially limited my conversations with him.
–Sidekick claims he has bad knees….
–Friar Tuck continually inspires
–Even 50 Grady Corns fails to affect Burrito’s mumblechatter levels
–Burrito — “I could watch you Sumo Squat all day”
–Sidekick — “I am not intelligent enough to use those things, nor am I interested in any bondage devices” (flashbacks of “grab your apparatus” immediately spawned”)
–I’m bad at apologizing for being a Christian, so….sorry not sorry.


Tuff Muff — Saturday, 02/22/2020
***0530 — Lion’s Den (Peanuts on Q)
***Mosey to Landfill
***0700 — Landfill (Count on Q)
***Mosey to Hill City
*** ~0830 — Hill City (Sidekick on Q)

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