Bruce Lee Got Cut In Half

QIC:  Pebbles

Date: 02/13/2020

PAX: Doghouse, Sunshine, Backfire, FNG-Lassie, Skitch, IronButt, Red Tees, Stubs

AO: Hill City


Drizzly, damp, and dark.


20- Sumo Jump Squats, 20-Dive Bombers, 20-High Knees (All IC)

8-4x4s OYO which turned into between 4-10 reps of the 4x4s because it’s a lot of counting different reps and things.

21s. I totally messed this up on purpose so I made us do a 20 IC plank as consequence rather than 40.

The Thang

Bearpee Circle of pain
We mosey from the parking lot to the stage connected to the circle path. The PAX proceeded to do bearpees all the way around the .1 mile circle by starting with 1 burpee, 4 count bear crawl, 2 burpees, 4 count bear crawl. Rinse and repeat. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

Mosey to the courtyard under Market Street Bridge. Partnered up. One partner did suicides to each of the 3 columns toward frazier. Other partner did LBC. Switch until 100 total LBCs are achieved.

Circle Burp time! PAX circled up and started chopping feet. Went around the circle in a counterclockwise fashion while each PAX had an opportunity to bring the pain.

Back to the suicided. Same partner and same suicides. Other partner did merkins. Swich until 100 total merkins are achieved.

Bruce Lee got cut in half! We started Bruce Lee’s work out – 20 reps of the following with no break in between: Hammers, Leg Raises, LBCs, Heel Touches, (didn’t get to the Cruchy Frogs, and 100s) Skitch politely interrupted. Can’t say I was too mad, either.

Mosey back to the parking. All soaked to the bone. All stronger than 45 minutes prior.


“Best day ever.” -my 2 year old daughter, almost every morning
She doesn’t know the worries of the world. I believe we carry too many burdens that we weren’t necessarily created to carry.

“This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalms 118:24

BALL OF MAN: Praise that IronButt is back and healthy. He has the biggest heart in Chattanooga. Praying for The Count’s brother as well.


The PAX moaned pretty good when the last round of 100 merkins came along. Got stronger together.


Tuff Muff 2/22/2020 be there or be square

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