Dropping Magic BOMBS


Date: 02/17/2020

PAX: Coldplay, Peanuts, Fastlane, Lanyard, Chief, Chavez, Gaylord, Moneyball, Iron Butt (Rx2), Jazzy Jag, Red Tees, Back Pew, Free Candy, Walla Walla 



Cool and damp in low 40s with the faint sound of air raid sirens in the distance


SSH x10IC; Smurf Jacks x 10IC; Carousel R & L x 10IC; FF x 10IC; 8ct Merkin/Side-Planks x 6IC; Don Quixotes x 10IC; WGS R & L x 10IC; Magic Mayhems CW&CCWx10IC

Mosey to Parking Lot by soccer fields.

The Thang

4 Cones set up in a square approx. 40 yds apart
Line up PAX from most F3 Experience to Least and Pair up Most with Least, next most with next least, etc
BOMBS (Accompanied by The Gap Band’s ‘You Dropped a Bomb on me’
A Dora where one Pax partner traverses around square via designated MOT while other performs exercise, swap and repeat until total reps achieved.

Burpees – 50 /MOT – Bear Crawl, Mosey, Crawl Bear, Mosey
Overhead Claps – 100 /MOT – Skip, Karaoke, Bernie, Karaoke
Merkins – 150 / MOT – Skip, Karaoke, Bernie, Karaoke
BBSUs – 150 /MOT – High Knee, BBShuffle, Drunk Sailor, BBShuffle
Squats – 200 / MOT- Butt Kickers, SSH, Jail Break, SSH

Mosey back to the flag


Countorama, Namorama
Sometimes life drops “bombs” on us. That time of year when it’s dark, cold, lots of illness going around, New Year’s resolutions getting old BUT…God’s mercies are new every morning and great is His faithfulness (Lamentations 3:22-23) If life drops a bomb on you, don’t forget that every day is a new canvas. Already have the day and week off to a great start. Keep it going!!


For many of the Pax, the ‘Magic Mayhems‘ might need to be renamed ‘Disappointed Wives’…may need to more practice.
Look out for Moneyball! Dude about tracked me down on a 30yd jail break when I had at least a 10yd headstart. Think he’s coming for Threeskin’s Golden Block!!!


Tuff Muff Saturday 2/22. 3rd F ministering to homeless tomorrow at 5;30p – 8ish with Coldplay on Q.

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