Total Body Jackedness

QIC:  Sidekick

Date: 02/25/2020

PAX:  Backfire; Pebbles; Jabooti; Doodles; Fissure; Vsquared; Dirk; The Count (RX2); Jazzy Jag; Teflon – FNG

AO: Boneyard




Forward Fold ICX15; Third Grade Exercises ICX15; SSH ICX15; Slow Squats ICX15; Slow Mercans ICX15; Seal Claps ICX15; Overhead Press ICX15

The Thang

F3 Multiplicity
Title of exercises or routine
Challenge #1

Mosey to the Apparati

Split off into pairs, 5 Groups

Group 1 – Pull ups – 10 Reps – This is the 6

Group 2 – Dips on bars – AMRAP

Group 3 – Big Boy Situps – AMRAP

Group 4 – Cardio bikes – AMRAP

Group 5 – Step ups with block/corn – AMRAP

Once the pull ups complete their reps we all run up the path to the pillars and back down.

Rotate through each station with a lap in between until all stations have been completed.

Challenge #2

Hands Up Mercan Dora

Stay in your pairs – Dora to 100 Hands Up Mercans – Run to the bike rack and back

Challenge #3

Suzuki Quad-burner

Wall sit – Man on end picks up the block and does one overhead press then passes it down the line – man on other end repeats and passes back down the line


Wall sit – Various arm positions and movements in a non perverted or molester way with your neighbors


Circle Up and pull plank – One man performs 3 deep squats with Corn on your back – pass off to the next man – work around the circle until completion

Mosey to the flag


LBC ICX20; Dying Cockroach ICX15; Pretzel crunch ICX8 each side; Flutter kicks ICX15


Push yourself to do things outside of your comfort zone when there is some self improvement available on the other end. CSAUP was this for me. I was a whiny toddler multiple days ahead of Saturday for lots of reasons. Mainly because it was going to suck and I didn’t want to do it. When it was all said and done, it did suck, but I enjoyed it thoroughly and being able to say I did it feels great.


Pebbles is fast. PAX do not like hands up mercans. File that away for later…


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