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QIC:  The Count (Respect/Respect)

Date: 03/28/2020

PAX:  FNG-Amir Rehiem(Jordache), FNG-Jeremy Kennedy(Ruby), 9-Volt (Respect), Annie, Clothes Pin, Cold Play, Deep Dish, El Chapo (Respect), Escobar, Fast Lane, John Doe, Mayhem (Respect), Miss Baker (Respect), Peanuts, Runner Up, Snow Patrol, Swipe Right, Three Skin, Toe Tag, Vaccine, Wuzn’t Me

AO:  Hacksaw


37 degrees and dry


PAX all circled in P/L by flag (Domino’s), Used 30 lb Sandbag and passed from one PAX to another counter clockwise (increasingly speeding up), after 2nd pass, reverse clockwise. Next, SSH (I/C 20). Mosey toward Memorial Park, around path and under street near PD P/L and Pavilion.

The Thang

HIIT meets Merkin Mania
Under Pavilion using picnic tables and P/L (about 35 yards)
PAX pair up and split up. First PAX go to Pavilion and Second PAX to P/L. First PAX performs 7 Merkin Exercises (using proper form) as quickly as possible 10 Reps each. 1)Merkin – 2)Incline Merkin – 3)Decline Merkin – 4)Diamond Merkin – 5)Werkin – 6)Ranger Merkin – 7)Chuck Norris Merkin. Second PAX in P/L is doing Bernie Sanders approximately 35 yards and quick Mosey back to start (Rinse and Repeat 3 times). Flip Flop with First PAX and Rinse and Repeat. When both PAX have completed Merkins and Bernie all PAX meet in P/L circle up. Slow Squat (I/C 20 Reps), Alternating Lunges (I/C 20 Reps). That Completes round 1. Rinse and Repeat for round 2 (Only change, add 10 Burpees. Round 3 move faster and do 5 Reps / 2 Bernie’s and add 10 more Burpees. Mosey back to Memorial Park and circle Flag Pole for Mary’s: 10 (I/C) of following Mary’s: LBC’s, American Hammer, Freddy Mercury’s, BBS, Heals To Heaven…. ENDEX


Enjoyed a Good Pre F3 ruck of 5 miles with Clothes Pin and Mayhem. They were very happy to hear that I had planned an easy workout. I probably should have said it was easy to plan the workout. What a difference in the meaning changes just my moving a couple words… 🙂
BALL OF MAN: Had several Prayer requests and a praise for a little boy who appears to be healed from cancer. We also want to find a match for the little guy Mayhem has been keeping us up to speed on. He needs a Bone Marrow match! PRAY PRAY PRAY


We welcome to the F3 Chattanooga and F3 Nation “Ruby” and “Jordache” Funniest comment came from “Jordache” (who by the way wore jeans to the workout). He said he thought it was going to be easy. I guess he was planning to go to work right afterwards since it was Friday and probably “Casual Day” he wasn’t going to shower… LOL. Also, when I asked him how he was feeling during some Bernie….He said, “I feel Nauseous”! Put a smile on my old man face!!


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