The Chase is Better Than the Catch

QIC:  WuzntMe

Date: 03/02/2020

PAX: Sidekick, Fastlane, Peanuts, Chavez, Lanyard, Swisher, Swingset, Best in Show, Mayhem, Sparky, Home Alone

AO: Beast Ridge




Mosey to the long lot, before Fastlane’s love shack.

20 SSH
Downward Dog
15 SSH
Upward Dog
10 SSH
World’s Greatest Stretch
5 burpees

The Thang

In Slack, I had mentioned that this was going to be a Motorhead Monday. So, in keeping with that theme, we started with Bomber.
11s, featuring Dive Bombers and Dips.

Count off by twos
Continuing on our theme, The Chase is Better Than the Catch

Pax 1: 5 BBS, 10 flutter kicks, 15 Mercuries, 20 LBCs
Pax 2: Bernie across the lot, until they reach the end.
Pax 1 completes exercise, then chases after Pax 2. If Pax 2 can get to the end before Pax 1 tags them they win. Else, they lose. Loser does 10 burpees, while winner does LBCs until burpees completed.
Rinse and repeat x4


Lemmy is right. The Chase is Better Than the Catch. In life, we get so consumed with completing something, that we often lose interest after we catch it. We do this in work, with our marriages, and with our children. I challenge the PAX to enjoy the process, to enjoy the pursuit, but to not *stop* pursuing. Pursue your wives. Pursue being a better father. Pursue being a better employee. Pursue something you can never quite catch, and never get complacent.


My bluetooth speaker sucks. Motorhead wasn’t nearly loud enough for all to enjoy.


– 3rd F – Tomorrow / Meet at Chubby’s BBQ at 5:30PM. Serve until 8ish.
– check Announcements channel

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